Coming Off Iowa Loss, Trump To Get Endorsement From Two-Time Senate Loser Scott Brown

Coming Off Iowa Loss, Trump To Get Endorsement From Two-Time Senate Loser Scott Brown

So, you’ve just lost a caucus you were supremely confident you were going to take. You’ve blamed the voters of that state for not giving you enough credit for being extremely rich. Your overriding campaign message about being the ultimate winner has taken a huge hit. What is your next move? I know, hype up an endorsement from a two-time loser who lost in the state you are trying to win in, all despite a large conservative surge happening during that particular election year.

News leaked out Tuesday afternoon that former Senator Scott Brown will show up at a New Hampshire rally to formally endorse Donald Trump for President. According to Robert Costa of the Washington Post, Brown has tried to safeguard this decision for days now.

Apparently, Brown is seen as a possible VP pick of Trump’s, mostly because he is a good-looking, youngish guy who is supposedly appealing to both Tea Party types and moderate voters. This is due to his surprising 2010 Senate victory in Massachusetts, when he won a special election to fill the deceased Ted Kennedy’s seat. However, he was soundly defeated in 2012 by progressive icon Elizabeth Warren.

Following Warren’s victory over him, Brown then tried to get elected in another state. Claiming that he had moved residences to New Hampshire, the ex-magazine model challenged Democratic incumbent Jeanne Shaheen. Despite 2014 being a banner year for Republicans, as they retook the Senate and expanded their majority in the House, Brown got walloped in election. One of the reasons cited by NH voters is they saw Brown as an opportunistic carpetbagger.

Now, coming off of a humiliating loss in Iowa, Trump is going to tout the endorsement of a man who New Hampshire residents strongly dislike. While this isn’t Palinesque in its badness, not sure how this will help him in the state.


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Justin Baragona

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