White Tea Partier Explains How MLK Would Tell Blacks That Racism Is Now Over

White Tea Partier Explains How MLK Would Tell Blacks That Racism Is Now Over

On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, we were treated to more daftness and idiocy from this county’s right-wing when it came to discussing racial justice and the legacy of MLK. Over at Liberty University, a school founded by a man who marched with segregationists, GOP Presidential frontrunner and hater of a variety of brown people Donald Trump was tapped to deliver an address to the school’s student body on the national holiday. The celebrity billionaire just delivered his normal stump speech and said very little about MLK, other than dedicating his “record crowd” to the late civil rights activist.

Elsewhere, another conservative blowhard used the day to whitesplain to black people just how much Martin Luther King, Jr. would hate the Black Lives Matter movement and would be on board with white folks shouting “All Lives Matter!” Former one-term Republican Congressman and deadbeat dad Joe Walsh, who now makes a living spewing garbage on the radio, took to Twitter on Monday to deliver his completely reasonable and well-researched thoughts about BLM and today’s racial climate.

Walsh first started with this little gem:



Glad to see that the Tea Part radio host knows that with absolute certainty. He then followed it up with a claim that MLK was about bringing all people together while BLM is only worried about skin color.



We then got Walsh getting all butthurt over a strawman, stating that black people are always telling white folks that they can’t comment on MLK because of their race.



Hey, did you know that King would have totally led an All Lives Matter march in D.C. if he were alive?



Hell, not only would MLK be all in when it came to All Lives Matter, he’d also tell African Americans that racism doesn’t exist anymore.



Finally, MLK would make sure to lecture blacks today on the high rate of black on black crime.



It is always nice to get a history lesson on race from a guy who got kicked off the air because he refused to stop using the N-word.


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Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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