Jeb! Desperately Panders To Fox News Viewers: “I Only Get My News From Fox & Friends”

Jeb! Desperately Panders To Fox News Viewers: “I Only Get My News From Fox & Friends”

Fresh off another disappointing showing in a GOP debate, former Governor of Florida and one-time GOP Presidential frontrunner Jeb Bush appeared on Fox & Friends Friday morning to talk about his performance. Because Jeb! is in full-on desperation mode, what with his poll numbers currently within the margin of error of zero, he used his airtime to kiss up to the curvy couch sitters in the hope that he might carve out a little of that sweet, sweet media attention that is currently going to one Donald J. Trump.

Speaking with blank stare connoisseur Brian Kilmeade about Hillary Clinton and the possibility of her facing legal consequences over her emails, Jeb with exclamation point turned the pander up to 11 by telling the host that he only gets his news from his program. Following up a clip of Bush slamming Hillary at the debate over her supposed legal problems, the Smart Bush had this to say about a possible indictment coming Clinton’s way:

“I don’t — I only get my news from Fox & Friends, so that’s all I get. All I’m saying is that she’s under investigation by the FBI. Just pause and think about that. That’s not, that’s a pretty uncommon thing for a presidential candidate. And each and every week it just seems like there’s more information. Now there’s, according to Fox again there’s expanded investigation on the connection with the Clinton Foundation. This is a serious deal. So I’m, look, I want to win. I think the Republicans need to win. We need to unify. Hillary Clinton would be an unmitigated disaster for ideological purposes. But she also has this legal problem that would really undermine our country.”

That little blurb has everything you’d want if you are a regular Fox viewer and die-hard conservative. Fox News worship, Hillary Clinton hate, claims that the country will blow up if Hillary wins, exaggerations about media-created scandals…it is all there. The only problem for Jeb is that he’s the one saying all this. Trump has already made him his bitch and he will forever wear that ‘Kick Me’ sign, at least in the eyes of the Republican base.

But, keep on trying, Jeb. Keep on trying. Hell, you just picked up a big-time endorsement from Lindsey Graham. That should go far. And you still have a bunch of billionaire donor money to piss away before Iowa and New Hampshire. You might break 6% in the polls if you really push yourself.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Fox News:



Justin Baragona

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