Republicans Start Eating Their Own As Ann Coulter Says Ted Cruz Is Ineligible For White House

Republicans Start Eating Their Own As Ann Coulter Says Ted Cruz Is Ineligible For White House

Over the past few days, GOP Presidential frontrunner and Cheeto-dusted Jello mold Donald Trump has decided to bring back birtherism. However, rather than aiming his nativism gun at previous target Barack Obama, he’s decided to go after fellow Republican Ted Cruz, who is now running second in national polls and has pulled ahead of Trump in Iowa. The Senator from Texas was born in Canada to an American citizen (his mother) and a Cuban refugee (his father).

While the fact that Cruz was born outside the U.S. to a Latino immigrant makes his hardcore anti-immigration and refugee stances nearly impossible to take seriously, it appears that he would be seen as a natural born citizen, according to most constitutional experts. (John McCain, Barry Goldwater and George Romney all faced the same questions when running for the White House in the past due to not being born within the borders of the United States.) At the same time, it is still not absolutely settled, and wouldn’t be until an amendment was made to the Constitution giving a clear definition of what “natural born” means.

Anyway, since Trump is feeling the heat from Cruz, who he had been mostly friendly with until now, he has decided to start floating the notion that the Tea Party darling would be declared ineligible to be President due to his birthplace and parentage. On Wednesday, Trump superfan and Skeletor impersonator Ann Coulter jumped on board the white nativist train and tossed out a couple of tweets declaring Cruz’s campaign essentially illegal.



Coulter has become one of Trump’s most vocal supporters since the celebrity billionaire announced he was running for President back in June. Trump’s announcement was perfect timing for Coulter as she was peddling her latest tome about illegal immigrants from Mexico destroying the perfection of an Anglo-majority America. Over the past few months, the conservative provocateur has hit the campaign trail for Trump and done the media circuit, all in an effort to extol praise on The Donald.

It will be very interesting to see what happens to some of the right-wing media personalities and pundits going all in on a Trump run if he fizzles out during the primaries. Due to the former reality TV star’s slash-and-burn campaign strategy, will any of his new-found sycophants switch course and support another GOP nominee? And if so, how would they explain their tacit endorsement of Trump positions and comments about said nominee later on?

Justin Baragona

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