After Terror Arrests, Expect More Fear-Mongering From GOP Field Cuz That’s All They Got

After Terror Arrests, Expect More Fear-Mongering From GOP Field Cuz That’s All They Got

On New Year’s Eve, law enforcement officers in Rochester, New York arrested a man planning to commit another act of terror in America. Earlier in the week police in Brussels, Belgium apprehended two for the same reason. Our police forces are being vigilant and doing their job, but how much do you want to bet that most of our politicians are going to start to use these incidents as a cudgel to start calling for more police and security?

It isn’t new, but that clamoring will immediately be taken up by a majority of the Presidential candidates, too. Unfortunately, that becomes a problem. If all they ever want to talk about is terrorism and security concerns, then they won’t ever focus on any of the other issues that are just as important for the people of this country. That is just what some of them want, though.

You see, some candidates have a very limited resume. Others have virtually no resume but are very good at BS’ing their way through things. There are some, of course, who love to just use the issue as a hot button of fear on those Americans who are prone to jump at shadows. And finally you have those few people who actually know what they are talking about and don’t mind discussing foreign policy and its wider ramifications beyond just terrorism.

The first few types of people don’t want you to step away from terrorism and security as a topic because it is an easy subject. It doesn’t take much thought to pontificate on. Just mention September 11th, some nice platitudes, more police, greater security, and taking out the terrorists wherever they hide, and you win. You never have to mention a specific detail once. Why do think that Donald Trump is leading the Republican field? It certainly isn’t because he has solid, concrete ideas and plans on how to defeat them.

So while these politicians are playing this bait and switch game you forget about jobs and the economy. You forget about those trade deals that Congress is trying to pass behind your back without the American public ever getting to know the details of. You forget just how much state governments are slashing from public education or the federal government is cutting from healthcare. Unless a Presidential candidate or two refuses to be completely drawn in by this conversation, we won’t get to hear about topics and stances that we should know about.

That can lead to America making a very bad choice when they go to elect the next President. After all, why wouldn’t someone who knows virtually nothing about any other topic, or nothing at all about politics, want to stay on this very easy subject? To hide the fact that they really don’t know how to handle the rest of the things they will need to do while being President. If we elect someone who blusters or panders their way through the subject of terrorism while neglecting the other important issues, then we deserve everything we get for being the absolute fools who refused to see what sort of idiot we chose.


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