Defending Donald Trump, Fox News Guest Calls Bill Clinton An “Unindicted Rapist”

Defending Donald Trump, Fox News Guest Calls Bill Clinton An “Unindicted Rapist”

GOP Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump gave conservative pundits and right-wing talk show hosts his own personalized Christmas gift when he decided to take aim at former President of the United States Bill Clinton. Directing his attacks at Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, Trump has decided to bring up Bill’s past, namely his extramarital affairs and the Monica Lewinsky scandal that nearly led to President Clinton getting kicked out of the White House. (Nevermind that, back in 2008, Trump said the Lewinsky affair was “unimportant.“)

Of course, it is downright funny that a thrice-married self-described playboy who cheated on his first wife with his second and openly embraces his sexism and misogyny is going to criticize a woman for her husband cheating on her, but this is Trump, so anything goes. But, by him opening this door, it allows conservatives to once again take shots at the resoundingly popular former POTUS and re-litigate the whole Lewinsky thing.

Appearing on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom, radio host Lars Larson came to Trump’s defense over his criticism of Bill Clinton. While fellow panelist Leslie Marshall pilloried Larson for taking cheap shots, Larson said the ex-President’s past was fair game because it also shows that Hillary is a liar herself. In his opinion, Bill Clinton “was impeached for lying to the American public, we worry when there are enablers to those liars.” Per Larson, the main issue is that Hillary Clinton is an “enabler to her husband who has been a serial harasser and unindicted rapist.” Yep, Larson went there. (Ummm, hasn’t Trump been accused of rape in the past?)

Later on in the discussion, Larson continued to claim that bringing up Bill Clinton’s affairs was totally relevant because it shows the low-level of character of Hillary as his enabler. Also, since he was on Fox News, he made sure to bring up Benghazi because of course. He then continued to toss out some more gibberish that makes sense in the Conservative Entertainment Complex but nowhere else.

So, just to wrap up the segment, Lars Larson thinks serial philanderer Donald Trump is in the right to bring up the marital indiscretions of someone who isn’t running for office because it proves his wife is a liar and Benghazi. Glad we have that settled.


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