CNN’s Don Lemon Interviews Black Santa, Throws Shade At Fox News’ Megyn Kelly

CNN’s Don Lemon Interviews Black Santa, Throws Shade At Fox News’ Megyn Kelly

Two years ago, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly flipped her lid during a panel discussion on her show over the ethnicity of both Jesus Christ and Santa Claus. In response to a columnist writing about how black families see Santa as a black man, Kelly reassured any kids watching that Kris Kringle is, indeed, a white man. The segment drew a ton of ridicule, ranging from left-wing blogs to The Daily Show to CNN anchor Don Lemon.

At the time of Kelly’s assertion that Santa Claus is white, Lemon found himself cracking up on the air while moderating a discussion about it. On Wednesday, while hosting the early afternoon slot on CNN two days before Christmas, Lemon made sure to reference his Fox rival’s infamous moment one more time.

In a nice little puff piece, Lemon spoke to Santa Dee, a black man who has become extremely popular impersonating Santa Claus and calls himself “The Real Black Santa.” Lemon and Santa Dee talked about white kids’ reactions to a black Santa, with Santa pointing out his that some parents have had issues with his color only for the kids to say they want to see Santa Claus. He stated it reaffirmed his belief that children don’t see race and color.

Towards the end of the segment, one in which Lemon told any children watching that Santa Dee was one of the real Santa’s helpers, the CNN anchor wished Santa Dee luck on his travels. He then concluded the interview by smiling into the camera while he said, “It’s settled, Santa is…” while pointing at Santa Dee. Yep, Lemon made sure to toss a little shade at Megyn, letting her know that he hasn’t forgotten.

Below is video of the segment:



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