Fox’s Greg Gutfeld Has No Problem With Trump’s Sexist Comments About Hillary Clinton

Fox’s Greg Gutfeld Has No Problem With Trump’s Sexist Comments About Hillary Clinton

On Tuesday’s episode of The Five, the first segment covered the ongoing conflict between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Most of the people mocked Hillary’s lack of strength when calling out Trump’s latest comment against her when losing to President Obama in 2008, saying she is playing the victim. Only Juan Williams thought her tone and approach were the correct way of going about it.

The biggest surprise of the whole conversation though was when Greg Gutfeld said that, “I don’t have a problem with what he (Trump) says. I have a problem with people defending it.” Really? You don’t have a problem with what Donald Trump says? You only have a problem with people defending what he says.

So, when Mr. Trump said that Mexico wasn’t sending their best here, they are sending drugs and rapists, you were okay with that? When he mocked one of your co-workers and said that she had blood coming out of her eyes, and out of her ‘wherever’, you were good with that too, despite the obvious denigration that was thrown at her and your profession afterward? And later when Mr. Trump called for a total ban on all Muslims coming into the country you’re good with that too I’m assuming, despite how terrible that looks to our Muslim allies around the world?

If you’re fine with all of that. then I can say that you are a racist, sexist, xenophobic jerk just like Mr. Trump. No one should be defending these statements, or endorsing them. Not the Republican Party, and not Fox News. On that point, you are most definitely right, but to say you are okay with them, is wrong. Sure, he has a right to say hateful and stupid things, but it is our responsibility as decent adults to point out to the rest of America why that person is wrong. It’s like saying you are okay with a child molester or a wife beater.

To just go along with it is to let that speech fester in the minds of the people who will think, ‘Since no one who I agree with is saying it is wrong, then it must be right.’ Those people will eventually take action against the people they perceive as their enemies. This is how you overthrow a government and create a tyranny. Maybe that’s what you want to do, though.

I don’t want to call the GOP fascist, but their actions by allowing Donald Trump’s hate speech to go virtually unchallenged and to even put out memos to Congressmen to adopt his ways is going too far. This party, which always appeals to nationalist fervor, wants a bigger and bigger military and makes frequent appeals to religion, sounds more and more every day like the Nazi Party of the 1930’s. That really should scare more people in this country and around the world.

Poor Richard Jr.

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