Joe Scarborough Gets All Butthurt After Mika Brzezinski Calls Him Out For Fear-Mongering

Joe Scarborough Gets All Butthurt After Mika Brzezinski Calls Him Out For Fear-Mongering

It has been suggested by regular viewers of Morning Joe that co-host Mika Brzezinski suffers from sort of an abused wife syndrome when it comes to her on-air relationship with colleague Joe Scarborough. The ex-GOP Congressman sees himself as the alpha dog of the show and will roll over anyone who disagrees or contradicts what he is saying, especially Mika. Over the years, Mika has, more often than not, taken to shutting down and allowing Joe to dominate her whenever she presents a different viewpoint on a heated topic.

During Monday’s broadcast, we got to see this dynamic play out once again, as Joe gave Mika a verbal lashing after she suggested Scarborough was acting just like other Republicans who were pushing fear to the masses. The whole thing revolved around a piece that panelist Mike Barnicle had written for The Daily Beast over the weekend, where he stated that GOP Presidential candidates have nothing but fear and anger to sell to American voters. The crew decided to talk about the article and whether or not Barnicle was making a good point.

As one would expect, Joe eventually took over and used the discussion to do his typical rant against President Obama. After Mika brought up the fact that Obama has tried to present a calm demeanor over terrorism fears and the threat of ISIS while simultaneously discussing gun control as something we can o at home, Scarborough took that as his opening. We then got to hear Joe bitch and moan about how POTUS isn’t using tough language and has been an absolute failure when it comes to letting the American public know the real danger it faces in the form of ISIS.

Joe would spew some more anti-Obama hatred for a couple more minutes, complaining that the President needs to follow the lead of more hawkish Democrats in forcefully decrying radical Islamic terrorism. Eventually, this led to Brzezinski mentioning Barnicle’s article a couple of times, which was a very passive-aggressive way to say Joe was stoking fear. (Which he most certainly was!) Joe absolutely lost it and decided to put Mika in her place for all the world to see.

“Did I say something that stirred up fear, Mika? Please don’t suggest that I did,” Scarborough yelled at Brzezinski.The MSNBC host meekly counters, “I’m not. I’m saying that you’re tapping into something that really cuts through with people.”

I’m not trying to tap into something! Wait, are you suggesting that I’m playing on people’s fears?, “Joe shot back. “You’re being really disingenuous, because you share the same fears off camera that I have.”

And there you have it. Joe made sure that the weak female knew who the man was in this case. The whole exchange was very uncomfortable, and you knew exactly how it was going to unfold, as we’ve seen this movie more than a few times.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of MSNBC:


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