Actress Explains To Fox That Darth Vader Is Black Because The Bible Says Black Is Evil

Actress Explains To Fox That Darth Vader Is Black Because The Bible Says Black Is Evil

On Monday, the Conservative Entertainment Complex found a new target of outrage and focused much of its attention on getting its audience all fired up over it. Over the weekend, MSNBC host Melissa Harris Perry gave her thoughts on the Star Wars movie franchise and why she always had some conflicted feelings about it. In her opinion, she doesn’t like that Darth Vader is presented as being completely evil while being totally black. However, when he is redeemed in Return of the Jedi, he is then shown as a white man.

Now, it is kind of a silly position, and one could take MHP for overthinking the whole thing or perhaps getting some of the Star Wars universe wrong in her critique, but, all in all, it was mostly meant to criticize the long-standing notion in fiction that black is evil and white is goodness. Of course, the point was completely lost on right-wing media, and by Monday morning, there were tons of columns, radio spots and TV segments devoted to ridiculing Harris Perry and her obsession with race and political correctness.

One of these interview segments featured actress turned culture warrior Janine Turner. The former Northern Exposure star, who has made a second career as a far-right radio screecher, appeared on Fox Business to give her take on the non-controversy. Speaking to Stuart Varney, patron saint of faux outrage, Turner blurted out a bunch of nonsense that would make Sarah Palin herself blush.

After Varney played the clip from MHP’s show, Turner shrieked that this was way overboard and that all of this political correctness was going to get a bunch of Americans killed. (Yes, she said that.) Going into Star Wars and Darth Vader, she invoked the Bible and Jesus Christ because of course.

“Regarding Darth Vader, please! The Bible talks darkness and light. This is about evil and good. Darkness and light. This doesn’t have anything to do with anything else, this goes back to biblical times. It’s been discussed in the Bible, Jesus talks about it. It’s about darkness and light, evil and good.”

She also helpfully explained that the bad people in movies have always been associated with black while the good people have always been shown “riding the white horses,” revealing that she entirely missed the larger point Harris Perry was trying to make. (You know, about black automatically being evil, which casts black people in a negative light.) Turner ended her thought on the matter by once again claiming discussions of this nature would put Americans in “clear and present danger.”

The rest of the segment was more blithering idiocy from Varney and Turner, of which we discovered that Turner is pretty much for secession.

Anyway, if you want to see the whole thing, below is video of it, courtesy of Raw Story:


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