Donald Trump Doesn’t Care If His Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Helps Create More Terrorists

Donald Trump Doesn’t Care If His Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Helps Create More Terrorists

During a lengthy interview on CNN’s State of the Union, Republican presidential candidate and spray-tanned horny toad Donald Trump let host Jake Tapper know that he didn’t really care if his inflammatory comments towards Muslims helped radicalize more people and expand ISIS’s ranks. He also told Tapper that it Muslims fighting against extremism in their home countries still wouldn’t be allowed into the United States under a Trump presidency because we can’t risk it.

Tapper brought up Trump’s recent call for a total and complete ban on all Muslims from entering the country. After discussing the fact that a majority of Americans reject the idea, which Trump blamed on political correctness and a fear of being labeled as bigots, Tapper then swung the conversation to national security and the implications that a ban, or even the rhetoric, could have. The CNN host brought up a talk he had with an official who said that a disaffected young Muslim halfway across the world would be more open to radicalization and terrorism against the U.S. after hearing one of America’s leading Presidential candidates trashing an entire religion to thunderous applause from his supporters.

Tapper wanted to know if Trump felt that his xenophobic rhetoric and demand for a ban on Muslims could potentially create a worse problem when it comes to radical Islamic terrorism. In typical Trump fashion, the celebrity billionaire brushed off the suggestion, blurting out some well-worn talking points about needing to “stop the problem” and how he isn’t going to be politically correct. An exasperated Tapper pressed him again and asked, “Is potentially alienating 1.6 billion Muslims, is that a solution to the problem or does that create more problems?”

Of course, The Donald didn’t answer the question, instead belching out more nonsense about needing to do something and being tough and some other shit. This led to Tapper bringing up specific examples of Muslims in the Middle East who are actually doing something to combat extremism and violence. The anchor highlighted how these people are doing far more than he or Trump have or likely ever will and then pointed out that under Trump’s ban, they wouldn’t be allowed to enter the United States.

To this, Trump just shrugged and said, “I don’t know anything about those women.” He then stated that it was a radicalized woman who came in on a fiancee visa who helped commit the San Bernardino shooting, essentially saying once again that all Muslims are terror suspects. This led to more Trumpian commentary, much to the world’s dismay.

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