Republican Congressman Thinks Obama Is A Secret Muslim Who Wasn’t Raised Right

Republican Congressman Thinks Obama Is A Secret Muslim Who Wasn’t Raised Right

With the rise of Donald Trump, what with his unabashed racism and xenophobia, some of the nuttier members of the Republican Party have come to realize that they don’t even need to sugarcoat or dog whistle their bigotry anymore. At least when it comes to GOP voters, they can just let that white nationalist flag fly. Stepping into the fray Friday to toss some red meat of his own to the voracious right-wingers who listen dutifully to talk radio, Rep, Mike Kelly (R-PA) appeared on The Sam Malone Show and pretty much went full birther.

Speaking to Houston conservative radio jock Sam Malone, Kelly answered the host’s question on why he believes Obama “can’t say Muslim, Islamic, whatever” when it comes to terrorism. (Even though the President has actually said those words, just not the exact way GOPers would like him to.) Kelly gave his theory, and unsurprisingly, it is hiss feeling that perhaps the President is really a secret Muslim who sympathizes with the terrorists.

“Most clear-thinking people realize the old saying, if it waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. We’ve had seven years of this waddling and quacking going on and we’re finally starting to identify who this person is.”

Now, Kelly game himself just enough wiggle room and ambiguity to claim later that he meant something else if he were pressed on it. However, it is pretty clear based on the context that Kelly is insinuating that the President is hiding something, and those who have been suspicious all along that he isn’t who he says he is are being vindicated.

Later on in the interview, Kelly tapped into some other familiar birther talking points, as he said that it is clear that Obama has “never believed this is an exceptional country” and he wanted to know where did “this guy come from” and who was responsible for raising him. The whole exceptionalism thing comes from the belief that the President is doing his Kenyan father’s bidding and wants to punish America, made popular by conspiracy author Dinesh D’Souza.

Elsewhere in the segment, Kelly ranted about Obama not being concerned with terrorism or Americans’ lives, but instead just wanting to have the country reimagined in his vision. He also tossed in some fearmongering for good measure, telling the show’s listeners that the President will allow another terror attack to strike, and it is likely a bunch of children will be victims next time.

This isn’t the first time Kelly’s gone apey when it comes to Obama. Back in 2013, probably still sore over Romney losing the election, the House Rep took to the floor and directed an unhinged tirade towards the President, stating that he is a divider when it comes to race. During an appearance on Newsmax in 2014, Kelly claimed that Obama was going to lead us into a civil war, which is Republicans shouldn’t take impeachment off of the table.

Anyway, if you wanna hear Kelly rant and rave, below is audio of his radio interview, courtesy of Right Wing Watch:


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