Why The Hell Did CNN Let An Elected GOP Official Be Part Of A Voter Focus Group On Trump?

Why The Hell Did CNN Let An Elected GOP Official Be Part Of A Voter Focus Group On Trump?

At this point, you may have already seen the crazy video clip of an unhinged Donald Trump supporter calling President Obama a liar and just acting like a nut during a focus group discussion that aired on CNN Wednesday night. What you may not know, and what CNN didn’t disclose, is that the woman behind the insane rant is a New Hampshire State Representative who was served two terms. However, per her appearance on CNN, she only became interested in politics once Trump jumped into the Presidential race. Umm, OK.

Susan DeLemus was first elected to the New Hampshire House in 2010 as a Republican. Oh, and she also happens to be a full-on birther who made some waves in 2011 when she was part of a group of lawmakers who wanted to keep President Obama’s name off of the state’s ballot in 2012 because of their belief that he wasn’t born in the United States. At that time, she cried that Obama “just makes me want to throw up” and that we need to “bury the Constitution now and have a funeral.”

Prior to her appearance Wednesday night as part of a Trump focus group, CNN had her as part of another voter discussion forum on the celebrity billionaire in July. At that time, she appeared with her husband, who also participated in the Bundy Ranch standoff last year and attempted to get elected sheriff back in 2012. At that time, CNN also failed to identify her as a State Rep. During that appearance, DeLemus said that she appreciated Trump because “he says what he means” and she feels like “he’s telling the truth.”

So, umm, why the FUCK did CNN place an elected official not once, but twice, in voter focus groups without at least disclosing her position? Honestly, she shouldn’t have been used in the first place, but if you insist on placing her in there, at least let viewers know who she is for context. Don’t just put “Donald Trump supporter” on the chyron.

In the aftermath of Trump going full fascist demagogue in calling for a ban on all Muslims entering the United States, CNN and other media outlets seemingly appeared to realize just how big of a part they had played in his rise and indicated they would cover him more responsibly. Well, CNN didn’t take long to say “fuck it” and go back to the irresponsible, sensationalized, fact-free, trainwreckish coverage it had been devoted to previously.

Below is video of DeLemus going full nutter, just to show you where we are now in this whole election fiasco:



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