Lacking All Self-Awareness, O’Reilly Says “Pundits Have Lost A Huge Amount Of Credibility”

Lacking All Self-Awareness, O’Reilly Says “Pundits Have Lost A Huge Amount Of Credibility”

A night after going toe to toe with Republican Presidential frontrunner and moldy jar of marmalade Donald Trump over the candidate’s proposed Muslim ban, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly sent Trump an ‘I’m Sorry’ Hallmark card in the form of his ‘Talking Points’ segment. Taking aim at the mainstream media, of which O’Reilly is TOTALLY not a part, the conservative culture warrior chided the press for trying to destroy The Donald while simultaneously going easy on President Obama and his “unsafe” and “soft” policies.

Early on in his diatribe, Papa Bear revealed his butthurtness that POTUS, Democrats and the big bad LIBRUL media weren’t slobbering all over him for coming up with Kate’s Law.

“There’s no border security and everybody knows it,” whined the former Inside Edition host. He then added, “Yet, President Obama and the Democratic Party will not get behind Kate’s Law, which would mandate a five-year federal prison term for any criminal who defies deportation. I can’t believe the president doesn’t support Kate’s Law. And millions of Americans feel the way I do. Mr. Obama does not seem to care about justice or public safety.”

Holding the belief that Obama has received a tongue-bath from the press recently while Trump has been treated unfairly, O’Reilly then claimed that “media pundits have lost a huge amount of credibility” over the way they’ve demonized the celebrity billionaire. Apparently in Bill-O’s mind, he isn’t part of the punditry that deserves all the criticism he’s dishing. This led to the following comments:

“Then we have economic insecurity because of the soft economy. You add it all up, and there is a fury in America. On the media front, they largely support Mr. Obama’s administration. I mean, it’s a joke seeing the media demonize Trump while the same people who do that support porous borders and a very soft policy toward the jihadist killers. So media pundits have lost a huge amount of credibility. And the more they attack Trump, the more popular he gets.”

Bill O’Reilly, totally not a biased pundit, and totally not lacking in credibility.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Fox News:


Justin Baragona

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