Most Republicans Are Bashing Trump’s Muslim Ban Now, But Before Long They’ll Be Praising It

Most Republicans Are Bashing Trump’s Muslim Ban Now, But Before Long They’ll Be Praising It

On Monday, Donald “Der Fuhrer” Trump called for a total ban on Muslims entering the United States. Sounds a bit harsh, racist, illegal, and insane from a candidate for President until you realize who said it. Mr. Trump is no stranger to saying the first thing to comes into his mind whether that happens to be racist, sexist, or would be against the rules of war.

Recently when “Der Fuhrer” makes some truly outrageous statement that the Republican Party can’t stomach at first, they have a bunch of people come out and immediately refute it. Right now we have Governor Chris “I’m Gonna Stop Traffic” Christie coming to the defense of Muslims. Sort of. He merely said Trump was being, “Ridiculous.” You’d think a lawyer could have said something just a tad more important than that, but no, Governor Christie doesn’t want to go against “Der Fuhrer” and end up like his pal, Governor Scott “I am a Union Buster” Walker.

However, this is just an old shell game the Republicans are playing here to con the masses. Mr. Trump has repeatedly made foolish statement after foolish statement in his campaign to be President of the United States. Any one of which should have derailed his engines, and would have crashed trains run by less ruthless conductors. And yet, he is still here and at the top of the polls.

Maybe it’s because the Republican Party doesn’t condemn the rhetoric. Maybe it’s because the party realizes that the people aren’t abandoning the Fuhrer after he says the most outlandish bullshit imaginable. That’s when they start sending in the repair team to patch up the rails between themselves and Trump’s camp. For instance after Trump called Mexican’s rapists, there was a slight pause while Republicans waited to see if he would suffer some massive fallout. When he didn’t, Fox diligently went to work to ameliorate the comments and make him more representable.

Then there is the more recent example that right-wingers don’t want to give up on because it is so ingrained in their hate filled narrative. Muslims in America were celebrating in the thousands in New Jersey at the downing of the Twin Towers. This has been THOROUGHLY debunked by so many sources it isn’t even funny, and yet the right-wing pundits and hate mongers won’t give it up. Even Giuliani when he refuted “Der Fuhrer” didn’t completely come out and say that it didn’t happen. He said there were reports of celebrating, even while saying there weren’t thousands.

Now, we have this blatant call to ban Muslims from the country, and Fox is already putting people on the air to soften the crowd to this extreme position. Monday night the Fox Business Channel host Judge Andrew Napolitano invited a gun range owner Jan Morgan, who has also banned Muslims from her gun range to talk about this development. It’s sad that the repair crews are already hard at work to soften this message instead of calling it out for what it is. Religious hatred. There was a direct correlation in history to another man who spoke out just as vociferously against members of another religion while he was running for political office and whipping up the base anger of the crowd. After he finally obtained power, 11 million of them died horribly before he finally put a bullet in his brain.


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