CNN’s Harry Houck Refers To African-Americans In Chicago As “You People” And “Thugs”

CNN’s Harry Houck Refers To African-Americans In Chicago As “You People” And “Thugs”

News broke on Tuesday that embattled Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, faced with ongoing protests over the murder of Laquan McDonald by police officer Jason Van Dyke, had fired Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy. The firing was announced at a press conference that was initially held to announce the a task force for police accountability. However, dealing with mounting pressure from many city residents over police violence and racial disparity, Emanuel said he decided the force needs a set of fresh eyes.

Anyway, after Emanuel gave the city a scapegoat and hoped they’d stop calling for his head now, CNN’s Brooke Baldwin hosted a discussion between NAACP Youth President Stephen Green and the network’s resident law enforcement analyst and killer cop apologist Harry Houck. For those familiar with Houck, you already know that any time he’s involved in any of these types of conversations, especially involving someone non-Caucasian, it inevitably devolves into him spewing quasi-racist vitriol, all in support of ‘good policing.’ Tuesday’s segment was no different.

Right off the bat, Houck went to work painting the city of Chicago as a veritable war zone full of black criminals run amok. He said that McCarthy should still have a job, Emanuel needs to be impeached and the “National Guard should go into Chicago, take that city back from the thugs.” After Green gave a reasoned but passionate response, stating that police essentially have their own Guantanamo Bay for black detainees and tend to ignore entire neighborhoods, Houck fired back by claiming blacks in Chicago don’t care about ‘black on black’ violence. (The favorite old chestnut for racist white conservatives.)

“Aren’t you tired of dead black children on the streets of Chicago?!?! Not from cops, but from thugs shooting at each other,” shouted the ex-NYPD detective to Green. Houck was also pissed off that Green wasn’t explicitly calling for the resignation of Emanuel, claiming it was because he’s a Democrat. Green pointed out that not only was he tired of the rampant violence in neglected black neighborhoods but that he wanted changes in the economic situations in the city for blacks. Therefore, he didn’t care so much about resignations or firings, but instead wanted to see a “completely different song.”

However, in Houck’s mind, the only thing that will make Chicago better is if police go in full force and knock motherfucking heads. Green rejected the notion that aggressive policing is the answer, highlighting the need for better education, more economic opportunities and good affordable housing, among other things. At this point, Houck gave a little bit, saying that “maybe” he can agree with some of that, but that he’s sick of seeing cops get criticized when it comes to Chicago.

Houck then blurted out “you people” when beginning his next sentence, leading to Baldwin to chastise him live on the air. He tried to save face by subsequently saying “you people who live in Chicago,” but there was no backtracking that comment. He ended the discussion by claiming a Republican should be handed the keys to the city and whining about blacks being silent until now.

And thus ended another performance of Harry Houck’s White Supremacy Theater.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Raw Story:



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