Lovers’ Quarrel? Scarborough Refutes Trump’s Claim That Muslims Were “Going Wild” After 9/11

Lovers’ Quarrel? Scarborough Refutes Trump’s Claim That Muslims Were “Going Wild” After 9/11

One thing that has gained much notice over the past few months is the shift at MSNBC’s Morning Joe regarding its coverage of Republican Presidential frontrunner and half-deflated Macy’s Parade balloon Donald Trump. Ever since Trump announced his run for the White House back in June, the MSNBC program, led by host Joe Scarborough, has provided the celebrity billionaire with a free platform to spew his rambling nonsense. Beyond that, Scarborough and Co.  have given him all kinds of sympathetic coverage, making sure The Donald knows they are treating him “fairly.”

Well, we may have seen a seismic shift on Saturday, as Scarborough did the unthinkable — he criticized Trump. Following a campaign event where Trump stated that “everyone admits that Muslims worldwide were going wild” after 9/11, JoeScar took to Twitter to refute the reality TV star’s claims with actual facts.



Wow. So what’s behind Joe’s sudden change of heart when it comes to Trump? Hell, just a few days ago, he was coming to his defense on the air over his blatant lie regarding “thousands and thousands” of New Jersey Muslims celebrating in the streets on 9/11, saying that Trump merely exaggerated the numbers and was proven somewhat right by an old Washington Post article. Now, though, he seems to be straight-up lecturing Trump over his Muslim comments. What gives?

Well, it is probably a combination of things. One, Trump has not backed down from his racist and xenophobic attacks on Muslims and other minorities, despite being repeatedly called out for his spewing falsehoods. In fact, he’s doubled down on them and used this all as an excuse to mock a reporter’s disability. Two, Scarborough doesn’t want himself or his show to be labeled as racist or sympathetic to Trump’s embrace of white nationalism and fascism. So best to condemn his remarks now while others in the mainstream media have also gathered the courage to challenge the Trumpster.

Now, will Joe retain that newfound courage when Trump inevitably attacks him on social media and lets him know that he’ll no longer appear on Morning Joe? We shall see.


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Justin Baragona

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