How Republicans Benefit The Most From Political Correctness

How Republicans Benefit The Most From Political Correctness

Conservatives ironically make the biggest fuss over political correctness, while being the biggest beneficiaries of PC culture.

For instance, it’s not politically correct to call Republicans big fucking liars on national television, so journalists and Democrats politely choose not to.

Unfortunately, this allows Republicans to go on telling giant lies under the journalistic pretense that there are two, legitimate sides to every issue. However, on many issues there are not two, legitimate sides.

For instance, Republicans say that global warming is not real, and that even if it were it would definitely not be caused by humans. Neither argument is true, and their fake science has been funded by coal and oil companies with an economic interest in doing nothing about carbon levels. The Koch brothers, who are planning to spend as much money on Election 2016 as the entire national Republican Party, are bribing the GOP not to regulate their destructive oil companies. It is politically incorrect to say, but Republicans are big fucking liars on climate change.

Republicans say that privatizing our public government will be better for the public good. That’s not true because private companies are more concerned with profit than human health, and can get away with public harm because private companies do not have the transparency mandates of a public government. In fact, that is why private companies are more economically profitable than governments in the first place. They cut the corners and pinch the pennies as much as they possibly can, regardless of the human effects of their profit-obsessed business. But public governments are not and should not ever be intended to be profitable, and privatizing our social safety net will not make our futures more secure. It is politically incorrect to say, but Republicans are big fucking liars on government privatization.

Republicans say that cutting taxes will increase jobs and solve our debt problem, but Republican tax cuts do the exact opposite. Ronald Reagan tripled our debt and George W. Bush doubled it again after promising that the tax cuts would solve the debt problem. But again it is political bribery, and Republicans are only politically relevant amidst increasingly overwhelming democratic opposition (Democrats’ 2008 and 2012 electoral landslides) because rich people have bought Republicans’ taxation votes with excessive super PAC money. The arguments for tax cuts have been proven wrong by Republicans themselves, and Republicans’ admitted plan with tax cuts is to “starve the beast” of government. Again, it is politically incorrect to say, but Republicans are big fucking liars on tax cuts.

Republicans say that their voting rights initiatives are to protect our elections. However, voter fraud is a virtually nonexistent problem in our elections, and their initiatives disenfranchise millions of voters, all who tend to vote for the Democratic Party. It is politically incorrect to say, but Republicans are big fucking liars on voting rights.

As we can see, Republicans are flat out wrong on many issues, and continue to lie about many more. A CNN/ORC poll found that an astounding 43% of Republicans erroneously believe that President Obama is a Muslim… nearly half of Republicans. How did that number get that high? It wasn’t because of Republicans telling the truth.

Meanwhile, some Republican presidential candidates occasionally are interested in telling the truth, but Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina are running infamous campaigns seemingly entirely dependent on lies. And all Republicans are taking advantage of the threat of Islamic terrorism to continue telling lies to scapegoat American minorities in pretty obvious shows of racism. But, again, it’s politically incorrect to say that the majority of Republicans in our national government value racism, sexism, Islamophobia and homophobia, and their political efforts certainly suggest their fear and hatred of non-WASPs.

This is why, despite Republicans’ hatred of political correctness, it is the only thing that is keeping the mainstream media, with it’s attempts at political balance, from having an even greater perceived liberal bias. Because Republicans are big fucking liars and because of political correctness we have to try to be polite about it.

Levi Olson

Levi Olson

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