CNN’s Chris Cuomo Is Completely Fed Up With Donald Trump’s Constant Lying And Race Baiting

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Is Completely Fed Up With Donald Trump’s Constant Lying And Race Baiting

While the majority of the mainstream media continues to tiptoe around Republican Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump’s neo-fascist behavior and consistent lying (*cough* Morning Joe *cough*), at least one well-known reporter has decided to push back against the celebrity billionaire and reject the standard hands-off horse race narrative his colleagues use during election season. Following more than a week’s worth of disgusting rhetoric towards Muslims and blacks and numerous false statements used to advance racist and xenophobic hate, Trump’s campaign tactics were called out by CNN’s Chris Cuomo during Tuesday’s broadcast of New Day.

Moderating a panel discussion on Trump’s tendency to tell his supporters complete fabrications and spin it as the absolute truth, Cuomo pointed out that the reality TV star is now using GOP voters’ distrust of the liberal media to push an agenda of hate and fear based on total lies. Speaking to guests Zeke Miller and Errol Louis, Cuomo highlighted how Trump and Ben Carson are exploiting skepticism of “lefty” reporters to say anything they want without fear of reprisal.

From the show’s transcript, courtesy of Media Matters:


LEWIS: Donald Trump says he saw a video. He says he saw a video about people celebrating by the thousands in New Jersey.

CUOMO: But it’s not about what happened.

ALISYN CAMEROTA: I think he said he saw it with his own eyes.

LEWIS: He clearly — he said he saw it with his own eyes, he says he saw it on a video. Those are clearly not true. Ben Carson, I think, we should salute him for at least acknowledging that there was maybe a little bit of incorrect sort of assumptions that came out of what he was answering.

CAMEROTA: Except that he also snuck in the I didn’t know there was an agenda behind the question. Yes, the agenda to get to the truth, Dr. Carson. That is the key.

CUOMO: That’s the key. But not to his supporters, his supporters are that, you’re playing a gotcha game.

CAMEROTA: Absolutely.

CUOMO: It’s not enough for him to tell the truth. He’s got to tell your truth. Zeke, you hear it all the time out on the hostings. This is working very well now. It is not new, but it is newly effective, which is that of course they’re going to say I’m wrong. Of course they’re going to say there are problems with me. They’re the lefty media. How much resonance is it getting out on the hostings?

MILLER: That’s in a way the undercovered story of this campaign. It’s just how, the extent to which all these candidates are taking advantage of the public’s frustration with the media. The way that they can score political points, and we saw it in that CNBC debate where, just after one candidate starts standing up to the moderators, every single one in series did it and they all got a lot of applause in that room. That’s sort of become the narrative of this campaign. Everyone is telling their own truths to the American public, telling their supporters, their potential supporters what they want to hear and when anyone dares challenge them to say, oh you’re wrong, I saw it or I read it on the Internet. That’s sort of where this campaign has gone.


Below is video of the segment, also via Media Matters:



Cuomo was just getting started. Later on in the program, he interviewed Trump advisor and spousal rape supporter Michael Cohen. The conversation was heated and Cuomo wouldn’t let Cohen off the hook, pressing him on both his boss’s tendency to make shit up out of whole cloth and his constant demonizing of minorities.

First, discussing The Donald’s Pants on Fire claim that he saw “thousands and thousands” of New Jersey Muslims celebrating right after the Twin Towers fell on 9/11, Cohen tried to back up Trump by referencing a Washington Post article from that time period. He also stated that among Trump’s millions of followers, many have confirmed that they also either personally witnessed those actions or saw the same footage Trump did on that day. Cuomo wasn’t having any of that bullshit and grilled Cohen for continuing to push a verifiable lie.

“Yes, here’s the thing. I know other people have said it. They say it to me on social media,” Cuomo said in response to Cohen claiming it likely happened. “One, that Washington Post article, that was one paragraph in the whole story, the author walked it back, they said the FBI investigated allegations of it, they never substantiated a claim of thousands. The reason it’s relevant is the guy may be president of the United States and what Donald Trump says has to be as accurate as it can be, and thousands and thousands is, at best, a gross exaggeration. And if you’re going to be president of the United States, don’t you have to say it right?”

After Cohen failed to cede the fact that Trump at least exaggerated when he said thousands of Americans were seen celebrating, saying the real estate mogul was “probably right,” Cuomo shot back and told him “No, he’s probably wrong!”

Later on in the interview, Cuomo let Cohen hang himself by getting the lawyer and Trump confidant to reiterate Trump’s claims that a Black Lives Matter protester deserved to get beat up at one of his rallies. On a morning following a group of white supremacists shooting up a BLM protest in Minnesota, Cohen emphasized that anyone who is an agitator who goes to a Trump rally should expect to be assaulted by those in the crowd. He also wouldn’t answer when the CNN host asked if Trump, as their leader, should present a more mature ideal for them to follow.

Below is video of the interview, courtesy of CNN:



Chris Cuomo is just tired of pretending that Trump is anything more than a fascistic carnival barker who is stoking white resentment in an effort to get elected President of the United States. Hopefully, this trend starts to spread within the MSM.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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