Fox’s Eric Bolling: We Need To Carpet Bomb And Level Syria, Including All The “Dumb” Civilians

During Friday's broadcast of 'The Five,' the Fox host called for a military campaign to completely destroy Syria that would lead to civilian deaths.

In a week that included calls for shutting down mosques, the allowance of only Christians to enter the country as refugees and the possibility of a national Muslim database, Fox News’ Eric Bolling decided he needed to add his name to the list of faux-tough conservatives who’ve made outlandish comments in the wake of the Paris attack. Discussing the military response to ISIS in the wake of last Friday’s heinous killings, Bolling stated that America and its allies need to essentially destroy the entire country of Syria, civilian deaths be damned.

Below are Bolling’s comments during a panel conversation on ISIS:

“We’ve been talking about this for the better part of two years and I’ve been saying absolutely, patently level Raqqa, go carpet bomb the place and if you’re a civilian and you’re dumb enough to be next to ISIS you will not survive that one either. I’ve been saying this long before Trump came into the race. So that is the answer.”

Yep. All those dumbass fucking people who have the misfortune of being anywhere near a terror group who is viciously taking over cities and territory deserve to die a fiery death. On the other side, while civilians should know better than to get the hell out of Dodge, we as Americans aren’t going to let you enter this country since we are scared little bigoted pussies who believe all MOOSLIMS are terrorists. So what’s the solution? Easy. Fucking die!

That’s Bolling’s — and many, man, many other conservatives’ — sentiment in a nutshell. We’ve already destabilized the entire region, which has lead to the rise of ISIS and other terror groups. Now, due to the violence in said region, people are fleeing and looking for a new home. However, despite our culpability in the destruction of their homes, we have no interest in lending a helping hand. No, instead we would prefer you stay in the Middle East while we bomb the shit out of what’s left of your country.

Will this strategy inevitably lead to the radicalization of more people in the region? Absolutely. But Bolling and others don’t give a fuck. Better to toss some red meat to your slack-jawed viewers and act like you have the big swinging dick.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Media Matters:


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