Rush Limbaugh Warns White People That They Are “Being Held Hostage By A Minority”

Rush Limbaugh Warns White People That They Are “Being Held Hostage By A Minority”

The news coming out of the University of Missouri this week revolving around protests over racism and the resignation of the school president was absolutely tailor-made for someone like conservative radio host and half-filled colostomy bag Rush Limbaugh. Besides giving him ample opportunity cry about liberalism and entitled minorities, he’s also originally from Missouri, so he can pretend like he is a hands-on expert about everything going on in Columbia. Therefore, the ongoing protests and news coverage have provided him a whole week’s worth of programming.

On Friday, he decided to end his week with a bang by tossing aside his trusty dog whistle and replacing it with a megaphone when it came to talking about his views on black people. Besides saying all of the recent incidents of racism on Mizzou’s campus have been complete hoaxes as part of a concerted effort to spark these uprisings, El Rushbo criticized the choice of interim president.

From the transcript of the show:


“Okay, so the new interim president is a guy named Middleton, Michael Middleton. He’s the interim chief at the University of Missouri, interim president. He’s African-American. He’s a Mizzou grad. He went to school at Mizzou. He is, by all accounts, fabulously successful. But nevertheless, Mr. Middleton says he felt marginalized at every phase of his career at Mizzou, and he says that while he does not blame white people — oh, no, no, no, no, no, of course not, he is the president, he can’t publicly blame white people. So while he says that he doesn’t blame white people, he does blame the ugliness of American history. And there it is.

So the University of Missouri rabble-rousers have succeed in securing the appointment of an interim president who believes the same thing they do, the same thing that Jeremiah Wright believes, same thing that Obama believes. That this country is inherently ugly. That it was structurally and is structurally ugly and racist and sexist and bigoted and homophobic, and I’m telling you — don’t doubt me — that is liberalism, or call it socialism if you want, but that is what leftists think, and this is what the professors at these schools have been teaching.”


Rush made sure to keep on ranting, saying the civil rights movement has been a complete failure and that we need to get rid of all social programs because, according to liberals, they haven’t cured racism yet. In his opinion, if liberals and progressives think that racism is still a problem in this country, it is obvious that any attempts to help out blacks and other minorities have not worked, and those efforts should be stopped.

Limbaugh also pointed out that white people need to realize that they are the majority in this country and on the college campuses where these protests are taking place. Bringing up that blacks make up only 7% of the student population at Mizzou, Rush stated that they were all being held hostage by a minority and the blacks were engaging in blackmail, just like they did in Ferguson and Baltimore.

Below is a transcript of his comments, courtesy of Media Matters:


RUSH LIMBAUGH: As of the 2014 census, the black population in the state of Missouri: 11.8 percent. As of 2014, census figures from the University of Missouri website: the black population on campus is seven percent. A total of 2,553 students, which is seven percent of the student body at Mizzou. The number of historically black colleges in America: 109. So that’s roughly two black colleges per state. In North Carolina there are 11. One hundred nine historically all-black colleges. My point is here that we’re being told that we’re evil, mean-spirited, racist. We’re being held hostage by a minority, folks. And I don’t mean just — I’m talking about a numerical minority. A numerical minority, and it’s true every — a numerical minority of the gay population, the numerical minority of the transgender population, the numerical minority of far left-wing women, for example. We’re dealing with tiny numbers here.

If you go to the University of Missouri, you got 30,000 students at Mizzou who are not rioting, who are not striking — many of whom are embarrassed and wish all this would go away. Thirty thousand students at Mizzou who are not demanding anything, not screaming, not striking, not whining, not complaining, not acting like spoiled children. We’ve got blackmail going on this campus as a result of the blackmail that happened in Ferguson and in Baltimore. Nobody stands up to it.


As I said, the dog whistle was put away for this broadcast. He is directly telling his audience that good, God-fearing, law-abiding white people need to stand up to these thuggish criminals and make sure they know their place.

Below is audio of his hostage remarks, also courtesy of Media Matters:


Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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