According To Fox News, Donald Trump’s Deportation Force Would Be Really “Good For Latinos”

According To Fox News, Donald Trump’s Deportation Force Would Be Really “Good For Latinos”

Since he announced his candidacy for the White House in June, there have been a number of Fox News personalities who have been outspoken fans of celebrity billionaire Donald Trump — Sean Hannity, the Fox & Friends crew, Andrea Tantaros. However, perhaps his most ardent admirer and loudest cheerleader on the network has been Eric Bolling. During Thursday’s broadcast of The Five, Bolling kept that record intact when he lauded Trump’s disastrous ‘Deportation Force’ idea.

For those who missed the last GOP debate and have somehow avoided all things Trump over the past 48 hours, the sentient butternut squash has come out and said that if he were President, he would put together a Gestapo-like police force that would track down and round up all 11+ million undocumented immigrants in this country. During the debate, he likened his plan to that of Dwight Eisenhower’s controversially inhumane “Operation Wetback” — yes, that is what it was really called (but Donald didn’t refer to it by name at the debate) — which deported around a million Mexican migrant workers in the 1950s.

Historians have pointed out that the strategy was much like a military-style operation and many of those transported out of the United States were subjected to horrid treatment. Roughly a quarter of those hauled off were placed in overcrowded cargo ships that were likened to “18th-century slave ships”. In one instance, 88 people died of heat stroke when a group of them were just dropped off in a desert without food or water.

While Trump has gotten pushback from both the right and left over his plan’s ridiculousness — Bill O’Reilly told him it was “brutal” and “it could never happen today” — Bolling made sure he had The Donald’s back. In a segment about immigration and the upcoming election, the former daytrader stated that idea of pushing 11 million people out of the country by force had “so many good aspects.”

From the transcript of the show, courtesy of Media Matters:


ERIC BOLLING (HOST): So, yes, correct. And I think Trump has said he wants to build a wall first and then work on deportation.

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE (HOST): Secure the border.

BOLLING: I don’t know how you deport 11 or 12 million, but he wants to do it. If you get caught doing something wrong, speeding, drunk driving, whatever, the deportation force he calls it. So, they’re deported, they get in line and they come back in legally. It has so many good aspects. You may not like the process, but bringing an illegal back into the country legally, they’ll pay taxes, they’ll contribute to society, they won’t hide in the shadows. It’s good for both, I think. It’s good for Latinos as well. The people who are trying to get in, the four or five million per year that try to get in, only a million get in. Some wait ten years to get in. They’ll be happier too that they’re doing it the right way and people who didn’t do it the right way will be at least in the same, in line with them.


So many questions. So, so, so many questions. First off, how again is this “good for Latinos”? Also, how exactly does this make legal immigration easier and those already in line to become a citizen happier? How the fuck does Trump plan to pay for this, let alone execute this batshit insane idea? Also, sorry to be repetitive, but how exactly again is this “good for Latinos”?

Anyway, while Trump is rightfully eating shit from all but his most loyal supporters over this stupid fucking ‘plan,’ Bolling is letting the former reality TV star know that he’ll always be there to get on his knees and do what needs to be done.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Media Matters:



Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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