Fox News’ Eric Bolling: Why Don’t We Just Completely Get Rid Of Social Security?

Fox News’ Eric Bolling: Why Don’t We Just Completely Get Rid Of Social Security?

While Hillary Clinton remains the clear frontrunner in the Democratic Party, it appears that the rising popularity of Bernie Sanders’ Democratic Socialist message is starting to get under the skins of conservatives. With that in mind, the pundits at Fox News have decided to take away some of their time bashing Hillary — especially with the Benghazi shit hitting the fan — and spend it slamming Sanders. We saw a perfect example of this Monday during Fox’s right-wing whinefest The Five when the panelists spent a whole segment complaining about Sanders’ brand of goddamned evil socialism.

Discussing the fact that Sanders’s message seems to be resonating with Democratic and independent voters, the crew first tried to deny that the Vermont Senator’s individual policy positions are actually popular with the American public. Their underlying argument was that due to the fact that Bernie is a motherfucking Socialist, so there is just no way that people will support anything he proposes, regardless of what the polls say. This then led into a conversation about America’s existing socialist programs, such as Social Security and Medicare, and if that is a problem moving forward.

For the most part, the panel agreed that the country has embraced certain aspects of socialism over the years and that it would be difficult to turn your back on those programs now, but it didn’t mean that they all had to like it. While bubble-headed bleach blonde Dana Perino and smirking douchebag Jesse Watters weighed in with their thoughts about the evils of so-called entitlements, it was former daytrader and pretend tough guy Eric Bolling and just plain ol’ nincompoop Kimberly Guilfoyle that went all in on just getting rid of everything completely.

After listening to ex-tabloid talk show host Geraldo Rivera give the ‘liberal’ take on the subject, saying we can’t have Bernie-level socialism but should accept a mix of it with capitalism, Bolling then asked, ” Why don’t you just get rid of it? Get rid of social security altogether?” Perino said that might not be a bad idea, leading to Eric preaching about hardworking Americans of yesteryear. “God forbid you go back to you earn your money, you save your money, you keep your money, you spend your money and then you retire,” the well-fed conservative mouthpiece said.

After Rivera tried to point out how disastrous a complete elimination of SS would be, Guilfoyle jumped in and called it a “handout” — even though people PAY INTO it — and said she just wants a country that relies on the free market.

“I believe in the individual and in entrepreneurs and in free market, that’s what makes this country strong. I mean, I don’t understand why we have to act like this country is so crippled and everybody has to take a knee and get a handout. Come on, grow up!”

It’s always fun to listen to rich people on television preach about the need to work hard for your money while they make hefty salaries to bloviate and spout talking points for a few hours a week.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Media Matters:


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