Donald Trump: Bernie Sanders Is A Wuss And #BlackLivesMatter Activists Are Just Like ISIS

Donald Trump: Bernie Sanders Is A Wuss And #BlackLivesMatter Activists Are Just Like ISIS

Well, Bernie Sanders must have really done well in the first Democratic debate. The surging Democratic Presidential candidate more than held his own on the stage Tuesday night with leading candidate, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and focus groups and online polls had him as the winner of CNN’s debate. But the clear indicator of the strength of his performance is the fact that one Donald J. Trump decide to target the liberal Senator on Wednesday, releasing a silly Instagram attack ad and belittling him in interviews.

As certain as death and taxes, anytime someone gets any traction in the media and the story isn’t completely focused on Trump, the orange-colored marshmallow does anything and everything to get the focus back on The Donald, usually by attacking the other candidate. We’ve seen it mostly on the Republican side, with Trump constantly knocking his opponents, especially if he feels they are gaining ground on him. Or if he sees himself getting shuffled off due to real news, he makes a fuss about something or causes a fake controversy so someone will pay some fucking attention to him.

In this instance, Sanders and Hillary were the major story heading into Wednesday. However, Trump has spent an awful lot of time slamming Clinton on the campaign trail. Might as well try a new tactic and utilize some of his very great and very smart campaigning and media skills to take down the Democratic Socialist.

In a just plain weird and likely offensive ad that he posted to his Instagram account, Trump hammered Sanders for being weak by comparing the two Black Lives Matter activists who confronted him on stage at an event this summer with ISIS fighters. The video has a caption that read “Bernie can’t even defend his microphone — how will he defend the country?” after showing a clip of the BLM women on stage with him.


We need a strong leader- and fast!

A video posted by Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on














Oh man, Trump totally pwned Bernie! That is a sizzling hot burn from the Trumpster! Sanders was just SCORCHED!

Anyway, Trump also did an interview with NBC News on Wednesday where he claimed Sanders doesn’t know anything about international trade agreements and won’t get anything done because all he does is talk. See, Trump KNOWS how to get deals done because he uses the smartest and best people. Also, he knows how to deal with China.

With Sanders being a huge opponent of TPP and other trade agreements, Trump knows he has to make it appear that Bernie will be ineffectual in negotiations since Trump has made being anti-trade a big talking point of his. And he just can’t concede anything to anybody, at least while he’s still pretending to run for President.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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