Rush Limbaugh Claims That Obama Is “America’s Number One National Security Problem”

Rush Limbaugh Claims That Obama Is “America’s Number One National Security Problem”

Whenever you are in need of a hyperventilating drug addict to tell you everything bad in your life can be tracked to the black man in the White House, Rush Limbaugh is your man. During the Tuesday broadcast of The Rush Limbaugh Show, the Oxy-popping shut-in decided that President Obama is the biggest national security problem facing America today. No, seriously, he said that. He also specifically pointed out that he was not exaggerating or joking when spewing this shit into his gold-plated microphone.

El Rushbo was apparently set off by Obama’s interview on CBS’s 60 Minutes earlier this week. While speaking to Steve Kroft, the President stated that he did not feel that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server was a major national security issue, even though he did say it was a mistake on her part. Well, per Rush, while he is plenty pissed off about Hillary’s emails, he thinks Obama’s reign of terror is going to be the death of us all.

From the show’s transcript, courtesy of the program’s website:


“But on the Democrat side, you know, the Democrats, a lot of people, the donors are really worried about this e-mail. They’re worried about Hillary’s plummeting on the polls. They’re really worried about a lot of things and they’re worried about all this excitement about Bernie Sanders. They don’t know what they’re gonna do with him except they know they’re not gonna let him have the nomination. Now they gotta figure out how they’re gonna make that happen. So Obama’s come out, and he added to this. He said that Hillary’s illegal server was not a national security problem, which is rich coming from Obama, because Obama is America’s number one national security problem, if you ask me. No, I’m not exaggerating, and I’m not going for laughs here. I really mean it.

I think Barack Obama’s our number one national security problem or risk, whether by accident, by design. I don’t know what else you’d call somebody who enables the Iranians to nuke up and then sees to it they end up with $150 billion to do with whatever they want, including buy new Boeing airliners and go out and sponsor terrorism in the Middle East. It doesn’t give me a whole lot of confidence in what’s going on with Syria and the fact that Putin and Russia are making a move on the entire Middle East. Yeah, it doesn’t exactly comfort me that the president of the United States is who he is, doing what he’s doing. I think it’s rich claiming that Hillary hasn’t posed any national security problems, when he is it, the number one risk, if you ask me.”


The narrative du jour Rush was pushing on Tuesday to his faithful Dittoheads is that Hillary is absolutely going down and there is absolutely nothing that can stop her inevitable demise. The true conservatives, led by Donald Trump and the rest of the far-right, will take over Washington and usher in a new era. Obama’s disastrous and feckless foreign policy will cause the Democrats to be wiped out while the silent majority of real Americans will vote for hardcore right-wingers who will make America win again! Or some such shit, I don’t know, Rush sounded high. (Again.)

Anyway, Media Matters provided audio of this special little segment, if you care to listen to it.


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