Donald Trump Isn’t Receiving Enough Attention, Announces He’s Boycotting Fox News

The GOP Presidential frontrunner sent out a tweet Wednesday morning declaring that he won't appear on Fox anymore because they treat him "unfairly".

Due to the fact that every single news cycle has to revolve around him, Republican Presidential candidate and whiny baby carrot Donald Trump sent out a tweet Wednesday morning declaring that he will boycott Fox News “for the foreseeable future.” This comes on the heels of the real estate mogul spending the last two evenings directing mean tweets at the network and its two most-watched hosts, Megyn Kelly and Bill O’Reilly. This is at least the third time the celebrity billionaire has declared ‘war’ on the conservative news channel.



Over the past few days, Trump has seen himself not be the headliner of cable news coverage as the networks have focused on other stories such as Scott Walker dropping out of the GOP race, Ben Carson’s ‘Muslim president’ gaffe, Pope Francis’ first-ever visit to the United States and the death of baseball icon Yogi Berra. Before Trump got pushed aside, he was dealing with the one-two punch of his tepid GOP debate performance and his terrible handling of an anti-Muslim birther at a New Hampshire town hall event.

Therefore, it appears that Trump is going to try to create another feud with the GOP’s propaganda arm in order to push himself back into the top of the news cycle. He’s desperately hoping that this dip back into the same well will bring him the 24/7 media spotlight that he so desperately craves (and has received for three-plus months now). However, considering how cravenly transparent this whole move is, will the mainstream media fall for it? And does Fox even care anymore, what with this being his third temper tantrum over ‘unfair’ treatment in the past six weeks?

Sure, we all know the Trumpster brings the ratings. But for how long? The act is getting extremely old and he’s pretty much revealed that he doesn’t have any new tricks up his sleeve. He’s already repeating the same tired ass stunts and fatigue set in a LONG time ago. Also, the attention on the GOP race has likely transcended Trump at this point. Americans are seeing just how fucking loony tunes many of these candidates are, especially as they’ve tried to out-crazy The Donald.

As the GOP race tightens, and additional also-rans drop out as we approach the actual primaries, we will continue to see Trump pull out more and more desperate cries for attention. But if it is just the same old, same old, people will yawn and turn their gaze elsewhere.

Justin Baragona is the editor and publisher of Contemptor. Prior to starting the site, he worked on the editorial staff of PoliticusUSA. During that time, he had his work quoted by USA Today and BBC News, among others. Justin began his published career as a political writer for 411Mania. He currently resides in St. Louis, MO with his wife and pets.
One Comment
  • KarenJ503
    23 September 2015 at 12:39 pm

    If only “people”, namely the media, realized the bizarre behavior of Sarah Palin after her return to Alaska post-2008 Election Day was her desperate cry for attention, especially after it went on, and on, and on interminably for more than 5 years.

    Finally, in a number of interviews on Fox, and speeches to partisan audiences between late 2013 and that disastrous January 2015 speech, she was clearly mentally disorganized. Mercifully, Fox News is boycotting her, and so are most high profile conservative organizations.

    I hope it doesn’t take that long for Donald Trump to lose his media cachet.

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