Fox’s Kimberly Guilfoyle: I Like Ben Carson Because He Views Immigration As “A Tumor Or A Disease”

The Fox News host commended the GOP Presidential candidate for outlining his immigration plan and saying he'll make sure to seal the U.S. borders within a year.

During Monday afternoon’s broadcast of The Five, co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle went absolutely gaga for the immigration reform plan that retired neurosurgeon and Republican Presidential candidate Ben Carson outlined recently. While appearing on CBS’ Face the Nation this past Sunday, the surging White House hopeful explained that he will make sure that the United States borders would be sealed in his first year as President. He also stated that he’d allow undocumented immigrants six months to register to avoid deportation, but that only the ones with “pristine records” would remain and they wouldn’t be provided citizenship or any “goodies.”

While discussing Carson’s suggestions, Guilfoyle said she really likes the way Carson thinks because he uses his doctor’s mind to recognize problems and solve them as he would in surgery. Therefore, he views immigrants in this country like they’re a disease and he’s discovered a way to remove them, as one would a cancerous tumor.

“I like the way his mind works, the analysis that he goes through to identify a problem. And then he’s saying, of course I would seal the borders. He’s thinking of it almost like a surgeon goes in and deals with, you know, a tumor or a disease. And you try and then seal it off so it doesn’t become metastatic and spread all over, so you control the area. You control the spread. So I understand the philosophy there, because then you can kind of contain the problem.”

Beyond admiring Carson for looking at human beings as medical problems, she also expressed happiness that the good doctor would keep immigrants away from receiving government assistance.

While Carson has criticized GOP opponent Donald Trump’s batshit crazy immigration plan due to the impossibility of rounding up 11 million people for deportation, it doesn’t make his ideas any less insane. He’s claiming that he’ll fully seal the U.S. borders within a year and that he’ll commence rounding up illegal immigrants if they don’t register with the federal government within six months. In essence, he’s saying the same shit as The Donald, but in a sleepy warm tone that makes it appear far less harsh and inhumane.

So, yeah, it makes sense why Fox News and conservatives love him.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Fox News:


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