Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros: Christians Are The Only Americans Who Truly Face Discrimination

Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros: Christians Are The Only Americans Who Truly Face Discrimination

While discussing the latest outrage among Christian conservatives regarding prayer in school, Fox News host Andrea Tantaros stated that Christians are the only people in America who face “acceptable” discrimination and that Muslims would be protected by the ACLU if they practiced their religion in public schools. During Tuesday’s broadcast of Outnumbered, the panel whined about a high-school football coach who is being investigated for leading players in public prayer following football games. (District policy prohibits faculty from encouraging or discouraging students from praying.)

The show’s #OneLuckyGuy, Brad Thor, started the faux outrage train by screaming about how things in this country would be better if we had more teachers and coaches publicly praying with students and players. He then made sure to prove how much of a patriot he was by bringing up the fact that the coach is an ex-Marine and thanking him for his service. (Thor actually did this twice during the short segment.) It should be noted that Thor makes a living writing military fantasy novels.

After some back and forth that included co-hosts Harris Faulkner and Lisa ‘Kennedy’ Montgomery, Tantaros engaged Thor in the conversation and gave him the answer he was desperately looking for. In response to Thor’s rant about this being the greatest thing ever and the coach should be lionized rather than criticized, Tantaros said the following:

“Because it’s the last acceptable form of discrimination in this country. It’s against Christianity. I mean, if there was a Muslim player who wanted to bow down, I’m sure the ACLU would jump to his defense and say that he has every right to do it.”

Yep. Blacks, Hispanics, gays, transgender people, Muslims and Native Americans all are treated far better in this country than poor oppressed put-upon Christians. They just have it the absolute WORST in the United States. Bar none.

Tantaros ended her little screed by bringing up the Religious Right’s poster boy, Tim Tebow. She claimed that Tebow was treated unfairly and ridiculed due to his publicly showing his Christian faith. Perhaps I’m mistaken here, but wasn’t the main reason Tebow was the biggest name in sports for a short while due to his fervent Christian following? For a few months, you couldn’t turn on ESPN or sports radio without hearing about Tebow. So spare me the pity party about how tough Timmy had it.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Media Matters:


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