Fox News’ Keith Ablow: Gay Marriage Has Now Opened Up The Floodgates To Polygamy

Fox News 'Medical A-Team' member Ablow said that now that same-sex marriage is legal, courts can now force county clerks to issue marriage licenses to polygamists.

The big news that broke Monday morning was once again regarding wannabe religious martyr and burgeoning conservative celebrity Kim Davis. The Rowan County Clerk returned to her job after spending a few days in the clink for contempt of court for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Prior to clocking in, the thrice-divorced Davis held a press conference where she stated that she would continue to deny issuing the licenses herself due to her religious objections, but wouldn’t stand in the way of her deputies as long as her name wasn’t included on the certificates.

After Davis’ self-serving news conference that was largely done to keep her name front and center in the news cycle, Morning Talk Show for Dummies ™ Fox & Friends decided to hold a panel discussion on the Kentucky clerk’s continued refusal to follow the law and what it all means. Among those included in the conversation was psychiatrist and Michelle Obama weight expert Keith Ablow. While fellow guest Arthur Aidala focused most of his energy on the legal implications of Davis’ actions, Ablow used his time to suggest that same-sex marriage now means polygamy is legal.

After saying that Davis should probably quit her job if her civil duties are in conflict with her religion, the good doctor then said the following about the slippery slope of gay marriage:

“But the other issue is that any state apparently, any court can now say well, polygamy, you’ve got to issue marriage licenses to three men and a woman, because I don’t know how you deny that to people who say we’re all in love, if two men can do it. So the floodgates are open. Gay marriage opened those floodgates, marriage now will end up meaning anybody in love, and ultimately the church or a temple or other religious groups are going to have to say we want none of that. We’re just going to have to have our own kind of ceremony.”

You know the best thing about him saying this? Not one person on the curvy couch even blinked an eye. They were pretty much like, ‘Great point, Keith!” That is Fox News in a nutshell.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Fox News:


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