Rush Limbaugh: Feminism Was Created To Force Popular Culture To Accept Ugly Women

The thrice-divorced radio host ranted about "feminazis" while discussing the complaints from college-age women who feel like they are being objectified.

It was a pretty busy day for conservative radio host and quivering bowl of jelly Rush Limbaugh on Friday. First off, since it was 9/11, Limbaugh had to fearmonger over the Iran nuclear deal and claim that it would definitely lead to at least another huge terrorist attack on America’s shores. Also, with the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis, Limbaugh needed to push forth a conspiracy that the migrants fleeing war-torn Syria are actually ISIS militants who are planning on running wild in both Europe and the United States, causing widespread damage and chaos.

Despite being preoccupied with predicting the upcoming apocalypse, El Rushbo did find some time to talk about one of his very favorite subjects — feminazis! At one point during Friday’s broadcast, Limbaugh went off on a tangent regarding an opinion column from a college-age woman on the subject of sexism on campus. Essentially, the author of the piece felt that she was dealing with “subtle sexism,” in that men she encountered objectified her due to her being an attractive athlete and wouldn’t take her seriously beyond her outward appearance.

While Limbaugh admitted he didn’t read the article, he still decided to opine on it anyway, because of course. After saying that young people don’t know what they are talking about and overanalyze anything and everything, he then went on to claim that young attractive women in college are being leered at due to the rampant rise of feminism. See, according to Rush, ugly feminazis pushed the concept of feminism as a way to make being unattractive culturally acceptable. I am not fucking kidding.

“What do they think modern-era feminazi-ism is about? I mean the whole point of modern-era feminazi-ism is embodied in my undeniable truth of life number 24: Feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream of pop culture.”

The overweight serial divorce artist then went on about how college campuses are devoid of men now because they all the beastly feminists pushed them out. Therefore, good looking women are just going to have to deal with the limited number of males constantly staring at them, largely because universities are now inundated with homely looking liberal chicks who don’t even care about how they look. Or something like that. At that point in the program, Limbaugh was smacking his mouth a lot and just kind of spitting out a bunch of word-sounding noises.

Anyway, if you hate yourself enough to listen to Rush for a few minutes, below is the clip courtesy of Media Matters:


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