Fox’s Keith Ablow Wants Mandatory Gun Ownership And Thinks Non-Gun Owners Are Insane

Fox’s Keith Ablow Wants Mandatory Gun Ownership And Thinks Non-Gun Owners Are Insane

Whenever you are in desperate need to receive terrible, awful, no-good advice from a verified quack, you should look no further than Fox News’ ‘Medical A-Team’ member Keith Ablow. The psychiatrist is always good for confirming Fox viewers’ biases under the auspice of psychological analysis. Usually, Ablow’s appearances result in him diagnosing the un-Americanness of President Obama or providing his professional opinion on how much liberals suck. On Tuesday, he decided to make the case that every person in America needs to own a gun and that there is something seriously wrong with those who don’t.

Serving as Outnumbered’s #OneLuckyGuy, the panel spent their ‘Overtime’ online segment talking about Tuesday’s ongoing manhunt for the killers of Illinois police officer Joe Gliniewicz. The Fox Lake cop was shot and killed Tuesday morning after a traffic stop. The assailants, described as two white men and a black male, were able to take Gliniewicz’s pepper spray and gun and fled the scene on foot. The entire Chicago suburb was essentially on lockdown throughout the day while police scoured the area looking for the suspects.

Of course, as has been the modus operandi at Fox recently, Black Lives Matter activists were heavily criticizes, as the panel made sure to toe the latest narrative line that their rhetoric is encouraging people to act violently against law enforcement. However, for Ablow, he saw this more as a chance to go after the gun control crowd and paint them as insane while insanely calling for mandatory gun ownership in America.

Ablow began his NRA-influenced rant by blaming Obama and others for handcuffing police in the face of protests. He then said that what we really need is “gun control in reverse” so whenever a situation happens where there’s a manhunt for armed suspects, everyone can hole up in their house and be on the ready to start blasting away.

“Number one, we’ve got the issue that police officers have been marginalized… by some folks in our society, the mayor of New York, the president. The second thing is that it brings up this issue of gun control in reverse.

Because the gun control nuts are going to be out in force saying, ‘See, another issue with a gun.’ No, the issue here is I want one if I’m in that area right now. I want to know who amongst my neighbors has a gun. Can we congregate at his house or her house? I want to have one if I’m in that area because I’m a law-abiding person and I want to defend myself against these lunatics.”

That was followed by the good doctor saying anyone that doesn’t own a firearm should be questioning their sanity at this point.

“The question would be, ‘Why don’t I have one?’ Every person in that area right now who is not armed, doesn’t have a license for a gun in their home should be saying, ‘What the heck is wrong with me?’”

Ablow concluded by shaming anyone with a family who doesn’t own a gun because, in his opinion, they were placing lives at risk. Only homes with guns are super-safe. (Of course, that is bullshit. Research shows homes with guns are far more dangerous than those without firearms.) Now go out and buy some guns, STAT! (Will Ablow be paid by the NRA via cash or check?)

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Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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