‘Fox & Friends’ Host Knows Just Who To Blame For Attempted Terror Attack In France. Yep, Obama!

Co-host Anna Kooiman began a segment on the thwarted attack aboard a French train by asking if this is what happens when Obama takes his eyes off the war on terror.

This past Friday, three Americans and one British man, all unarmed, heroically stopped a gunman aboard a French train who was attempting to murder numerous passengers in an apparent terror attack. The attacker, Ayoub El Khazzani, was armed with an AK-47 rifle, pistol and box cutter and carried multiple loaded magazines. While he has stated that he was merely trying to conduct an armed robbery when subdued by the American and British passengers, he was on a terror watch list and possibly had ties with ISIS.

While the passengers were receiving the Legion of Honor award — France’s highest recognition — on Monday, Fox News decided to use the story to push forward their narrative that any and all actions related to terror around the world are completely and totally President Obama’s fault. Introducing a segment on the attempted massacre, Fox & Friends co-host Anna Kooiman began by asking, “Is this what happens when the Obama Administration takes its eye off the War on Terror?” She then turned to former FBI assistant director Ron Hosko to feed their audience’s confirmation bias.

During the short interview block, Kooiman and her cohorts pushed the Obama sucks narrative multiple times. Beyond blaming the administration for not being concerned enough with monitoring terrorists, Steve Doocy also got Hosko to make the claim that America needs to have more boots on the ground in Afghanistan, Iraq and pretty much all over the world in order to track and stop potential attackers. Essentially, per this segment, we need to force a military and intelligence presence in a number of sovereign countries against their will. Because, as we all know, that will totally stop the spread of radicalism and hatred for America.

Instead of focusing on the heroism of a few brave men who risked their lives to save many others, Fox News decided that the real story is that Obummer ain’t doing enough to stop those goddamned radical Islamists who want to destroy ‘Murica!

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Media Matters:


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