Glenn Beck Claims #BlackLivesMatter Would End If Everyone Saw Broadway Musical ‘Amazing Grace’

During an interview segment on his radio program, Beck continuously praised the critically-panned musical and stated that it has the power to stop the black activist movement.

It seems that right-wing conspiracy theorist and popular radio host Glenn Beck is a big fan of the Broadway musical Amazing Grace. The show, which opened earlier this summer, has struggled at the box office and has not won over critics. Amazing Grace is the story of John Newton, an 18th-century slave trader who became an abolitionist and penned the much-loved gospel hymn for which the musical is named. Despite the inspiring subject material, Variety lambasted the show in its review, stating that it focuses too much on Newton’s relationships and not enough on his involvement in the slave trade and his change of heart.

Beck, however, has made it a personal mission of his to save this show push as many of his listeners to go see it. He’s spoken at length about the musical several times since it premiered but it appears his efforts aren’t enough to get his largely Christian conservative base audience to push the show into the black. On Thursday, Beck hosted the writer of the play to help promote the show. During the interview, Beck said that Amazing Grace was so powerful that if everyone went to go see it, nobody would ever say ‘Black Lives Matter’ again.

“There is something special about this. There’s something happening with this show. I mean, if every American could see this show, you wouldn’t be having people say, ‘Black lives matter and you can’t dare say white lives don’t, uhh, white lives do. You know, all lives matter. You don’t dare say all lives matter; it’s black lives matter!’ We would have an end of that conversation, literally.”

So there you go, black folks. Don’t concern yourself with police brutality or insititutional racism. Nope. Just go see a mediocre play on Broadway that panders to bible-thumpers and you’ll realize you have it all wrong. Got it. Good.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Right Wing Watch:


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