Trump To ‘Morning Joe’: “Having A Low Minimum Wage Is Not A Bad Thing For This Country”

Trump To ‘Morning Joe’: “Having A Low Minimum Wage Is Not A Bad Thing For This Country”

A morning after GOP Presidential frontrunner and self-proclaimed super genius Donald Trump’s primetime interview on CNN, the former reality TV star made his way over to MSNBC’s Morning Joe to get fluffed by his friends for the millionth time this year. Since announcing his White House run in June, Trump has seemingly been on the morning program every day, likely because hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski spend each ‘interview’ sucking him off and telling him how very great and very smart he is. Essentially, they give him a platform for him to pimp his campaign uninterrupted. Morning Joe is nothing more than an advertising agency for Trump.

During the phone call into his besties, Trump was asked by Mika about the federal minimum wage and whether he would raise it as President, especially as it has sat stagnant for year. Trump responded in classic fashion, claiming he will create so many jobs that we won’t need to worry about the minimum wage, but since we are in a global economy now, we have to have a bunch of low wage jobs to compete with other countries. Therefore, having a low minimum wage is a good thing.

“We’re in a global economy now. It used to be companies would leave New York State or leave another state and go to Florida, go to Texas, go to wherever they go because or lower wages…We can’t have a situation where our labor is so much more expensive than other countries that we can no longer compete…One of the things I’ll do if I win, I’ll make us competitive as a country. I want to create jobs so you don’t have to worry about the minimum wage; they’re making much more than the minimum wage. But I think having a low minimum wage is not a bad thing for this country.”

Don’t worry, Trump fanboys. You all know that you’ll become rich one day, just like Donald. You won’t need to worry about those super low-paying jobs. Those will just go to the very, very, VERY stupid people that don’t believe in Making America Great Again!

Over on CNN Tuesday morning, New Day host Chris Cuomo, who interviewed Trump the night before, took a shot at Morning Joe and its cozy relationship with the real estate mogul. Speaking about any potential fallout from the primetime conversation, Cuomo stated that Trump “going on with friends and making sure that he can clean up and reclassify anything that he doesn’t like about how the interview went yesterday.” (On the flip side, Cuomo wasn’t nearly as tough with Trump as one would have hoped.)

Cuomo does raise a good point, though. Programs like Morning Joe and Fox & Friends have provided the celebrity billionaire a friendly forum where he gets to ramble on unchallenged. Not only that but the hosts of these shows kiss his orange ass at every opportunity, making sure to stay on Trump’s good side. Even taking into account that Fox News is nothing more than a conservative propaganda organization and MSNBC is tanking in the ratings and looking for any boost, you’d have to still think that executives at both networks would be embarrassed by how blatant the pandering is. Right? (Who the fuck am I kidding?)

Below is video of the Morning Joe segment, courtesy of MSNBC:


Justin Baragona

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