Tweeting “A Cancer Has Cancer,” Conservative Film Critic Celebrates Jimmy Carter’s Illness

Tweeting “A Cancer Has Cancer,” Conservative Film Critic Celebrates Jimmy Carter’s Illness

Every now and then, somebody comes along does something to let you know that the bar can always be lowered. On Wednesday, news came out that former President of the United States Jimmy Carter had been diagnosed with cancer. Carter, 90, stated that the cancer was discovered in his body after he underwent liver surgery. Shortly after the news came out, movie critic and right-wing political commentator Debbie Schlussel took to Twitter to celebrate the fact that the ex-POTUS, humanitarian and Nobel Peace Prize winner was gravely ill.



Yep. Schlussel attempted to make #ACancerHasCancer a trending topic on Twitter. Thankfully, nobody really picked up on it and help her spread her shitty trollery. Probably because even the right-wing assholes who follow her feel that rejoicing that an old man is stricken with cancer is probably a bridge too far, regardless of political bent. Especially considering that man has spent most of his life attempting to help the less fortunate.

Schlussel later on tried to play the victim on Twitter by whining that some tweeters had called her the c-word for her tasteless and disgusting tweets. (That one is right out of the conservative provocateur playbook.)



You stay classy, Debbie. You stay classy.

Justin Baragona

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