Trump To ‘Morning Joe’: Megyn Kelly “Should Really Be Apologizing To Me” For Being So Mean

Trump To ‘Morning Joe’: Megyn Kelly “Should Really Be Apologizing To Me” For Being So Mean

If you thought Republican Presidential candidate and sentient piece of carpet Donald Trump would stop to regroup and allow for a bit of reflection in his ongoing war of words with Fox News and anchor Megyn Kelly, well you obviously haven’t been paying attention these past few weeks. In what appeared to be his one millionth appearance this year on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Trump told hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski that not only was he not going to apologize to Kelly for his “blood” comments or other long list of insults he’s tossed her way, but that the co-moderator of Thursday night’s GOP debate needs to apologize to him for asking him such mean questions.

After a weekend where Trump and his camp had to defend yet another childish ass comment made by the clownish GOP frontrunner, The Donald called into his good pals at Morning Joe to talk about how stupid everyone is and how Trump is going to Make America Great Again! When Scarborough asked Trump about the Kelly “blood coming out of her wherever” comments, the real estate mogul stuck to his excuse that he just trying to move on to another question when he said that and was not referring to Kelly being on her period during the debate.

At that point, the Trumpster then said the following regarding Kelly needing to say she’s sorry to the luxurious and very, very, VERY great billionaire:

“The fact is, she asked me a very inappropriate question, she should really be apologizing to me, you wanna know the truth. Others of the – if you wanna call them – candidates came up to me at that intermission and said ‘boy, that was unfair what they did to you,’ and everyone felt that.”

Trump told Joe that he doesn’t think that this controversy will hurt him with women because he will totes be the bestest ever for women since he will be very magnificent and great on things like women’s health issues.

“This the kind of question I should have been asked and the women’s health issue, which Jeb Bush so amazingly blew four or five days ago. I would be the best for women, I would be the best for women’s health issues, Jeb came back and he apologized, you wonder why he’s doing so badly in the polls!”

You keep wondering just when Trump will finally flame out. He’s going to have to reach a point where people finally get sick of the circus act and/or he just tires himself out trying to continue outdoing himself and keeping his various feuds running. However, right now, it seems like the cotton candy haired reality TV star can’t stop, won’t stop.

Below is video of the interview, courtesy of MSNBC:


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