Fox News Gave Donald Trump The Message That They’re Over Him And Now He’s Throwing A Fit

Fox News Gave Donald Trump The Message That They’re Over Him And Now He’s Throwing A Fit

While reality TV star and GOP Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump’s Twitter fans and political supporters feel that the combover expert absolutely slayed it at Thursday’s Republican debate by simply being Trump, it does appear that they’ve added another (surprising) name to The Donald’s growing enemies list. If there was one major takeaway from the first GOP debate of the 2016 election season, it is that Fox News decided to turn on the monster that they created, as Trump was singled out by all three moderators with tough and uncomfortable questions that were designed to make him look like an unserious buffoonish clown who is running this campaign to satiate his personal ego. (Which, of course, he is.)

It seems that this has caught Trump a bit by surprise as he’s grown accustomed being coddled and idolized by many Fox News personalities. Also, it had been reported that Fox chief Roger Ailes is a big Donald supporter and wanted to see him go far in the primaries. He even rejected Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch’s pleas to reduce the amount of Trump coverage on the network, having hosts like Eric Bolling, Steve Doocy and Sean Hannity continually pump up the real estate mogul. However, perhaps seeing just how damaging Trump may actually be to the GOP — maybe the Bill Clinton phone call story spooked him? — Ailes apparently decided to let the three moderators (Megyn Kelly, Bret Baier, Chris Wallace) have their way with The Donald Thursday night.

And that is exactly what they did. (You can check out my play-by-play of the debate right here.) Immediately following the debate and throughout Friday morning, Trump and his ‘team’ took to Twitter and any news shows that would interview him to openly complain about Kelly, the other moderators, pollster Frank Luntz and anyone else that was being mean to the Trumpster. While Trump has made a cottage industry out of insulting everyone and everything he thinks has slighted him in the least, in this instance, you can feel sense that he feels especially betrayed. (Likely because he thought he’d be able to use Fox as his free personal campaign advertising agency.)

Overnight, complained about Kelly on Twitter, even retweeting a fan who called the Fox anchor a “bimbo”. (Way to reinforce Kelly’s point that you are a misogynist, Donald.)



Trump also aimed his anger towards Luntz, who presented a focus group after the debate that was not happy with Trump’s performance or comments. As one would expect, he called Luntz a loser and highlighted how the pollster “begged” for a job some time back.



On Friday morning, he called into both MSNBC’s Morning Joe and Fox News’ Fox & Friends to complain loudly about how unfair he was treated. He told the Morning Joe crew that Kelly was totally unprofessional and unfair. The billionaire added that he didn’t think he said all the things about women that Kelly accused him of and that he’ll get his people right to work on debunking her. Trump also said that the first question of the evening was a total setup that was done to make him look bad in front of GOP voters.



Meanwhile, on Fox & Friends, Trump continued his pillorying of Luntz, Kelly and pretty much all the other losers who just aren’t playing fair. Even the super friendly hosts of the Fox program, who have kissed much Trump ass over the years, seemed a little befuddled over how they should react to The Donald criticizing their colleagues and network.

Now, what will this all mean for Trump? Who the fuck even knows! Sure, a number of conservative, moderate and liberal pundits have already gone on record by saying Trump’s debate performance and temper tantrum towards Fox is going to be where his surge finally stops and the slide back begins. But, he’s said and done all kinds of insane shit over the past few weeks, and nothing has hurt him with his fans. In fact, it has only helped him. How is proving he has no substance and is a whiny ass pussy who can’t take the heat when it’s dished out to him going to change anything among his blindly loyal supporters? They love him for just that reason!

Justin Baragona

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