Joe Scarborough Throws Temper Tantrum On Air Over President Obama’s Iran Speech

Joe Scarborough Throws Temper Tantrum On Air Over President Obama’s Iran Speech

It is no longer surprising to see Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough act like a boorishly petulant man-child live on the air. It has become his stock and trade. However, just because it is expected from him, doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be called out whenever he reveals himself to be a pompously insufferable asshole, which is what he did yet again Thursday morning. As co-host Mika Brzezinski was taking the show to a commercial break, Scarborough interrupted with an immature rant about President Obama’s recent Iran speech.

In a moment where Scarborough seemed to be describing his traits rather than those of Obama, the former Congressman complained that the speech revealed “the President’s worst traits” and that he was “partisan, arrogant and condescending.” (What, no uppity?) While Mika meekly interjected that she felt that POTUS did just fine and that she felt it was time for him to make an address like that, Joe steamrolled over her and continued to whine about how mean Obama was to Republicans. In what was supposed to be a cut to break, JoeScar wasted nearly a minute of airtime with his juvenile griping.

Below is video the moment, courtesy of Media Matters:



Of course, this was all just a warm-up for Scarborough, as he would obviously get a chance to act like an obtuse dick later on in the program. And that moment came when White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest came on to discuss the speech. With assistance from MSNBC contributor Chris Jansing and guest David Ignatius, Scarborough was able to push around Earnest — who is just godawful at his job — and make it appear that Obama is being unreasonable to his Republican critics, who are just expressing legitimate disagreements with the deal. (Yep, calling the President the biggest sponsor of terrorism or marching Israelis to the door of the oven is totally reasonable.)

Worse here, though, was Mika. She actually pulled a Fox News tactic when she did the ‘some people say’ bit while asking Earnest a question, all so she could present Joe’s point of view as a valid argument.

“Some say the president might have been a tad bit condescending and maybe not the best approach to selling the nuclear deal in that speech. Some might say that. What do you think?”

Sigh. You can imagine this same exact phrase coming out of Elisabeth Hasselbeck or Gretchen Carlson’s mouth.

Anyway, Earnest was terrible, Joe bullied him easily, and the whole thing was 15 minutes of wasted time where nothing was accomplished other than the satiating of Scarborough’s ego. In other words, just a typical segment on Morning Joe.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of MSNBC:


Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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