Fox Host Tells GOP Candidates They Need To “Jump On” Donald Trump’s “Bandwagon And Ride It”

Fox Host Tells GOP Candidates They Need To “Jump On” Donald Trump’s “Bandwagon And Ride It”

The message from Fox News chief Roger Ailes has been heard loud and clear. Despite Fox owner Rupert Murdoch being absolutely appalled and disgusted by reality TV star cum GOP Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump’s actions and words, the talking heads at Fox have decided to follow Ailes’ orders by stroking The Donald and selling him as the future of the Republican Party. While the biggest Trump fellatio artistes have been Fox & Friends’ Steve Doocy, The Five’s Eric Bolling and Sean Hannity, the short-skirted couch sitters of Outnumbered have done their level best to hype up the aging celebutante as legit Presidential material.

Days before the first GOP debate of the primary season, Outnumbered co-hosts Andrea Tantaros and Sandra Smith went all in on the Trump love. During a segment Monday about Trump’s lead in the polls and how GOP candidates will react to Trump at the debate, Smith stated that the other Republicans in the field need to realize that they “are damaging themselves by going after Donald Trump.” She also questioned why they would even want to do that, rhetorically asking, “At what point do you just kind of jump on that bandwagon and ride it?” (Yes, she really said that.)

Beyond that, Smith also pointed out the other GOP hopefuls need to embrace Trump, even if they are exhausted from having to always answer questions about him or deflect bombs being tossed their way by The Donald. Instead, per Smith, he is good for business and they need to realize it and be part of his crusade. This was preceded and proceeded by effusive Trump comments from Tantaros. Prior to Smith’s call for Republicans to ride Trump, Tantaros claimed that people flock to Trump because he doesn’t answer with mealy-mouthed platitudes and poll-tested responses. (No, he just spews out loud, sophomoric and blatantly untrue platitudes, but they’re platitudes nonetheless. No policy specifics whatsoever.)

To end the segment, the post-coital sandwich maker then said that all the other candidates need to “follow Donald Trump’s lead” and essentially ape his style if they want to gain any traction. (We’ve already seen this Trumpification take effect with some of the lower-tier hopefuls.) You know, going into this election cycle, I think most of us expected the primaries to be relatively silly, especially considering the lack of a lead GOP candidate and the number of conservatives looking to jump in the race. But, it is already a veritable shitshow, and we are still 15 months out from the actual election!

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Media Matters:


Justin Baragona

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