So, Under A Trump Presidency, What Department Would Sarah Palin Be In Charge Of?

So, Under A Trump Presidency, What Department Would Sarah Palin Be In Charge Of?

Presidential Candidate Donald Trump says if elected he would tap former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin for a cabinet post. Given Trump’s current dominance in the polling this potentially puts the famously unprepared former Vice-Presidential Candidate once again in the order of succession for the presidency.

Despite the obvious lack of mental curiosity regarding geography, history, world politics, and the English language for which she was maligned in 2008, she has done little in the seven years since the failed McCain-Palin presidential campaign to show that she has studied any of the above topics.

Her most recent news-grabbing exploits have been rambling and incoherent political messages that have left viewers wondering if she was, in fact, intoxicated while speaking. However, her political artistry has always been in the medium of the one-liner, and her folksy, purely reactionary style has endeared her to a constituency famous for admiring politicians with whom they would like to share a beer.

Of course, it is purely hypothetical to imagine a scenario in which Trump is elected President given the improbability of a Republican electoral victory, but it is amusing to entertain the possibilities of a Sarah Palin-headed US department.

Which position might she be given? Republicans do not concern themselves with most of the Cabinet’s areas of attention and routinely call for disbanding whole departments, with the Department of Education being a particularly hated one.

Palin does, however, set the bar of expectation very low so she really can only improve on her past gubernatorial record of quitting before her term is finished. In a lovely moment of political doublespeak, her resignation speech articulated the idea that it would be appeasement to her haters for her to “sit down and shut up,” and that finishing her term was, ironically, the “quitter’s way out.”

Justin Baragona’s recent speculation that MSNBC might consider tapping Keith Olbermann to return to help the ailing network is a juicy idea, and for a reminder of Olbermann’s editorial style here is his breakdown of former Governor Palin’s resignation.


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