CNN’s S.E. Cupp Claims That Mike Huckabee’s Obama Holocaust Comments Are 100% Accurate

During a discussion on 'CNN Newsroom,' Cupp told contributor Sally Kohn that she agrees with Huckabee "100%" and that his comparison was true.

Whenever a Republican politician says something incredibly stupid or offensive, you can always count on pretend smart person S.E. Cupp to come to their defense. During Monday’s broadcast of CNN Newsroom, Cupp showed up for a discussion on GOP Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee’s recent comments where he stated that the historic Iran nuclear deal negotiated by the Obama Administration would lead to Israelis being marched “to the door of the oven.” Huck’s statement was an obvious analogy to the Holocaust, with Obama being placed into the role of Hitler.

Speaking to host Carol Costello and fellow CNN contributor Sally Kohn, Cupp not only said that Huckabee’s remarks were true regarding the danger they faced regarding Iran’s nuclear ambitions, but that she agreed with Huckabee comparing President Obama to the Nazi regime “100%”. She also told Kohn that she and other Democrats need to stop with the “vapors” because many prominent Democrats compared President George W. Bush to Hitler during the Iraq War. (The old ‘you guys did it so we can too’ argument.)

Kohn retorted that perhaps that may have been the case, but she couldn’t remember any Democratic White House candidates doing so. Of course, Cupp made it appear that it was gospel and that mainstream Democratic politicians were yelling “Hitler!” at the top of their lungs whenever they spoke about Bush or Republicans. After the segment, in order to ‘prove’ her case, she tweeted out a number of links that showed liberals using Nazi or Hitler analogies. As one would expect from someone who thinks tossing on a pair of glasses and writing contrarian books about religion makes her a serious pundit, nothing she sent showed a Democratic Presidential hopeful using Hitler comparisons, something Kohn rightly pointed out.



But, back to the actual discussion. Or not. Fuck it, I mean, Cupp just went to bat for Huck after he said that Obama was like Hitler and he was going to lead all of Israel to genocide. What else is there talk about here? Best to just post a clip of the segment and let you bask in the idiocy cloaked as conservative commentary that is Cupp’s bread-and-butter.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Media Matters:

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