Limbaugh On Planned Parenthood Video: “Low-Information Women” Now Want Their Cut Of Profits

Limbaugh On Planned Parenthood Video: “Low-Information Women” Now Want Their Cut Of Profits

This week, the second misleading and heavily-edited video targeting Planned Parenthood was released by an anti-abortion group calling itself the Center for Medical Progress. Just like the first video that came out earlier this month, it supposedly shows an executive with Planned Parenthood negotiating the sale of fetal tissue. However, as was the case with the initial tape, when the entire footage was seen, it reveals that the PP official was just discussing the logistics of donating tissue and the costs of shipment, which is all perfectly legal and above the board. 

Of course, in conservative land, none of this matters. What does matter is that a James O’Keefe acolyte taped a conversation revealing the fact that Planned Parenthood sends out the tissues of aborted fetuses for medical research. It brings to life for pro-lifers the fact that fetuses aren’t treated as God’s precious gifts and buried with a ceremony but instead treated like what they are at that time — medically useful tissue. This is something that energizes and mobilizes those on the religious right, emboldening them to take down Planned Parenthood — and perhaps the legality of abortion — once and for all.

During Wednesday’s broadcast of The Rush Limbaugh Show, host and Jabba the Hut cosplayer Rush Limbaugh spent a good portion of the program discussing the video and how it should lead to the defunding of the women’s health organization. After a lengthy rant about how the left is losing support on social and cultural issues, Limbaugh turned it over to the phone lines to talk about items such as the PP video, among others.

Limbaugh spoke to a caller who called himself Gabe and claimed he lives in Southern California. The caller and El Rushbo came to the agreement that dumb chicks are going to inundate Planned Parenthood with lawsuits because they will want a cut of all the profits the organization got from selling their aborted fetuses. See, the stupid females thought that PP was actually doing real research when they agreed to donate their fetus tissue, but now that they realize it is making bank on that shit, they need to get paid!

From the show’s transcript:


CALLER:  Listen, I appreciated your prior comments, and we continue to be sickened by how low society is going.  I saw a clip last night from MSNBC on Megyn’s show where they’re talking about how compassionate these mothers are to go in and have abortions so that they can donate their gestational tissue, which we all know are babies. But when they come to find out… I live in crazy California. Now that these mothers are finding out that their gestational tissue has been sold to the highest bidder, watch for the lawsuits for them wanting to demand their share of the profits from what they thought — what they were told — was being donated.

RUSH:  Hmm.  So you expect that to happen?

CALLER:  I do.  I’ve seen some crazy, low, evil things happening today, especially out here, and these mothers who are going in out of compassion, according to MSNBC —

RUSH:  Well, no, wait.  Wait, wait, wait just a second.  That’s probably true because this is the way Planned Parenthood’s countering this.  They’re countering this by asking for donations. “This is all for medical research.  This is to find cures for horrible diseases!  This is to prolong human life,” an ironic claim. You’ve got to admit, there’s a bunch of low-information people out there, and they fall for this.  Everybody wants to matter.

Everybody wants to think they’re contributing to the advancement of the human race, even when they’re having an abortion. So Planned Parenthood can convince them that they are furthering humanity by doing this, then they’ll run right in there and feel good about themselves. But your point is when they find out that they are being misled and that the elements of their baby that’s been aborted are being sold, that they’re gonna file lawsuits?

CALLER: Oh, yeah. Believe me, the low-information voter is the perfect client for these attorneys. They’re gonna say, “Oh, they were duped. You guys are making money, and you’re selling it to the high bidder!” You know, they want their share, too. It’s just gestational parts —

RUSH: That would be… You know what? As I stop and think about that, Gabe, I’m struck by two things: How putrefying-ly sick it is, but you’re probably right. Typical low-information woman who thinks that she’s serving humanity then finds out she’s being screwed and wants her take, especially after what the abortion cost her, she’s gonna want her take of what they’re selling. She’s gonna want her Lamborghini, too, right along with Ma Richards’ daughter, who wants her Lamborghini. It’s a good point, Gabe. It’s a good point.


I would normally express outrage here, but this is Rush, after all.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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