Trouble In Paradise? Rupert Murdoch Tells Donald Trump That He’s “Wrong” On Immigration

The Fox News head honcho took to Twitter Sunday evening to criticize the GOP Presidential candidate over his comments about Mexican immigrants.

This past weekend, Republican Presidential candidate and orange cat toy Donald Trump had a pretty good time. He made the rounds at campaign events in the Southwest and saw huge crowds who were absolutely hungry for his special brand of dumbed-down xenophobic drivel. Besides making his way to Las Vegas and Phoenix to deliver rambling speeches that provided the masses all the racism they could swallow, he also found time to cozy up to conservative Hollywood figures, where he allegedly told them that America should have invaded Mexico instead of Iraq.

Trump was given an absolute gift over the weekend when news came out that Mexican drug lord Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman had escaped from a Mexican prison and was on the loose. With news like that, it was obvious that Trump was going to be able to keep himself at the top of the news cycle by making outrageously idiotic statements, which would then be debated by pundits and held up as truth-telling by the Conservative Entertainment Complex. And, of course, Trump did not disappoint.

However, before Trump took to his Twitter account for his daily jerkoff fest, News Corp chairman and founder of Fox News Rupert Murdoch had some harsh words for him. While many at Fox have absolutely fallen in love with Trump for saying the things they’ve been promoting for years, others at the network have warned that The Donald is absolutely toxic to the Republican brand and will hurt them in the long run. Murdoch sent out a tweet Sunday evening telling Trump he is wrong on immigration, stating that immigrant populations have lower crime rates than native-born.


This tweet by Murdoch is noteworthy for a couple of reasons. One, it perhaps sets the tone for Fox News and puts some of the talent there on notice. Basically, he’s telling them that they need to help rein in Trump before it’s too late. Second, it is a direct shot at Trump and is daring the real estate mogul and reality TV personality to fire back. The thing is, Trump is so thin-skinned he will respond to any little bit of criticism, usually by calling the criticizing party a weak loser or some other lame-ass insult. Interestingly, Trump has yet to respond back to Murdoch, despite CNN covering the tweet Monday morning.


While Trump hasn’t attacked Murdoch for having the gall to criticize him, he did go nutso with the iPhone late Sunday evening and early Monday morning regarding the El Chapo news.


Ladies and gentlemen, your leader in the GOP polls!

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