Thanks, Obama! ‘Fox & Friends’ Guest Blames President For Ariana Grande’s “I Hate America” Comment

During a segment on patriotism among millennials, former Miss Kansas Theresa Vail claimed President Obama is causing young people to hate their country.

You just knew that the moment young pop diva Ariana Grande was caught on tape proclaiming she hates America while at a doughnut shop, Fox News and the rest of the Conservative Entertainment Complex were going to jump all over it and make it a huge story. And, you may have even guessed that someone was going to find a way to bring President Barack Hussein Obummer into the fray and blame him for Grande’s lack of patriotism. Your wait wasn’t long as Fox & Friends went full “Thanks, Obama!” on Thursday morning. It was seriously a sight to behold.

Co-hosts and Dumb and Dumber understudies Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy decided to tie Grande’s off-the-cuff remarks with survey numbers that show that Americans aged 18-29 are the least likely to say they love America. They brought on former Miss Kansas and certified America-lover Theresa Vail to discuss the trend and how Grande’s comments fit within it. That is when we hit ultimate Obama Derangement Syndrome when Vail claimed that millennials have been influenced by Obama not believing in “American exceptionalism.”

“I don’t know the problem. I don’t know the cause of the problem. I don’t have a solution to remedy the problem. However, I can speculate and hear me out on this. For the past six or seven years, and that’s a good chunk of a millennial’s adult lifetime, we’ve had a president who doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism. He doesn’t speak up for American values or the foundation that this country was built on. So can you blame millennials for their modicum of patriotism when, for the majority of our adult lifetimes, we haven’t witnessed anything to make us think differently?”

Oh, man. That is the good shit right there. Pure. Uncut. Straight from the field of America Fuck Yeah. You can even see how hard it hit Doocy. Right after Vail delivered that hit, Doocy’s eyes lit up and he uttered, “That is a point I had not thought about.” When you get a full-on OBS addict like Doocy to feel the rush, you know your shit is remarkable.

Patriotism segments on Fox are the absolute best. They let the geriatric viewers sit there and shake their fists at the TV, bitching about how America is going to hell and how it wasn’t like that back in their day. It allows for people to come on and claim on one hand how much they love America while simultaneously saying how much this country and its people suck. It is all about worshiping an idea of this nation that supposedly existed in some idyllic time past and how we need to get back to it.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Fox News:


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