Donald Trump Giddily Pounces On And Exploits News That Woman Was Killed By Illegal Immigrant

Donald Trump Giddily Pounces On And Exploits News That Woman Was Killed By Illegal Immigrant

In an effort to make political hay out of a senseless and random murder earlier this week in San Francisco, official Mexican rapist identifier Donald Trump took to Twitter Friday night and unleashed a hailstorm of unhinged tweets claiming he was right all along to label Mexicans rapists and criminals. The tweets were in response to news that 32-year-old Kathyrn Steinle was murdered on Wednesday night by Francisco Sanchez, who is in custody and admitted to the shooting. Sanchez is in the United States illegally and had apparently been identified by customs agents in March to be deported but was still in the country.

Like a hungry lion chasing an injured gazelle, Trump pounced on the news. Hoping to make this his own Willie Horton moment and push the fear of violent Mexicans down the throats of white Republican voters, the GOP Presidential candidate claimed that the murder was proof that America needs to build a huge wall all along the southern border. He also pointed out that he’s the only person in the entire country who can take on this project which is why he needs to be elected President. Furthermore, Trump took aim at his critics, specifically actress America Ferrera and fellow Republican candidate Marco Rubio.



Trump then retweeted one of his fans who had some harsh words for Ferrara. Apparently, the Ugly Betty actress is culpable in Ms. Stenle’s death.

The Donald sent a tweet Rubio’s direction, asking him if he will stand up for the country and and speak directly to Steinle’s parents.


Unrelated, but hilarious when you look at his timeline, Trump took a break from exploiting death for political convenience to childishly attack Fox News’ Juan Williams.

The rest of the night Trump spent retweeting the fawning praises of his supporters, a common trait of his that reveals how desperately he wants to be admired, loved and respected. Of course, as one would expect, Trump appeared on Fox News’ Fox & Friends Saturday morning to further capitalize on this latest story. If you are in the mood to ruin your Fourth of July, go ahead and check ou the video of the segment, courtesy of Fox News:




You know, while we should all be used to Trump’s buffoonish actions and need for attention, this seems unseemly even by the low standards he’s already set for himself. Stay classy, Donald. Stay fucking classy.

Justin Baragona

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