Bill O’Reilly And Bernie Goldberg Admit They Won’t Venture Outside The Conservative Bubble

During a discussion on Thursday night, O'Reilly told Goldberg that he won't take questions from the 'far-left' but expects liberals to answer all of his questions.

The blatant hypocrisy and lack of self-awareness of the Conservative Media Complex and its fearless leader, Bill O’Reilly, apparently knows no bounds. In a conversation with fellow liberal media hater Bernie Goldberg Thursday night on The O’Reilly Factor, O’Reilly readily admitted that he is perfectly comfortable residing within the conservative bubble and will not dare wander from its warm embrace. Following a ‘Talking Points’ commentary where he claimed that Hillary Clinton is getting preferential treatment from the mainstream media, O’Reilly and Goldberg both discussed how they refuse to engage with the far-left press. (In other words, any media that isn’t Fox News or recognized right-wing outlets.)

Bill-O first went in on media organizations like CNN and the New York Times for having a conflict of interest when it comes to reporting the news when it comes to Hillary and her emails. In O’Reilly’s view, neither can be trustworthy because of ties that certain people within those companies have the Mrs. Clinton and her staff. While O’Reilly had a somewhat fair argument there, he blew it apart when he railed about the media being too ideologically driven, failing to acknowledge that he works for a network that pushes a specific right-wing narrative and his program is all about presenting a specific point of view, mainly that liberals and progressives are bad.

Of course, if one were to ask Papa Bear, he’d just claim that he is an ‘independent’ and he is only a humble correspondent cutting through all the leftist bullshit and presenting the unvarnished truth to his viewers. He is a truth warrior, dammit! He has no ideological or political horse in this race. Just ask him. He’ll tell you!

While his ‘Talking Points’ screed was typical boilerplate, it was the conversation with his buddy Goldberg after the fact that was truly eye opening. Generally, their segments essentially come down to Goldberg fellating O’Reilly, telling him how great The O’Reilly Factor host is while pointing out the shittiness of the rest of cable news. And, this happened again Thursday night. However, both men also explained that neither one will ever purposely leave the bubble that the Conservative Media Complex has created for them.

O’Reilly began by saying that because he’s a super-duper huge star and all, he tends to talk to big movie stars, high-ranking politicians and captains of industry all the time. And they all want to ask his opinions and advice on certain topics and issues. Bill-O pointed out that whatever he says to them, even if off the record, will always be consistently on script so as not to come back to bite him. He then acknowledged that whenever he agrees to be interviewed on another talk show, he states upfront that he will not answer any questions the he feels derive from the “far-left internet sewer.”

However, while O’Reilly will not answer anything from a liberal point of view, he absolutely will not stand for one of his guests to refuse to be subjected to his brand of conservative browbeating. As he told Goldberg, if any booked guest objects to a specific question, then that guest will get the boot and not be invited back. In his view, it is perfectly fine and totally not hypocritical for him to do it because he’s just asking newsworthy questions while anything from a liberal perspective is obviously false and an effort to distract.

Even more pathetic may have been Goldberg’s revelation that he now just flat out refuses to appear on any program that might be construed as being liberal. Goldberg said that he realized a while ago that it didn’t make sense for him to reach non-conservative viewers because they weren’t going to buy his books anyway. Therefore, he was just going to be on Fox News and other conservative outlets since there was no point in discussing his viewpoints outside the bubble. If you ever wanted proof that Goldberg is nothing but a pandering partisan hack whose books are nothing more than comfort food for old white right-wingers, look no further.

Below is video of both the ‘Talking Points’ segment and O’Reilly/Goldberg discussion, courtesy of Fox News:

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