Fox News’ Uninhibited Donald Trump Lovefest Continues Unabated On ‘Outnumbered’

Fox News' female-centric panel show went out of its way Wednesday to portray The Donald as a "regular guy" who is just telling America what it needs to know.

On Wednesday’s broadcast of Fox News’ transparently awful attempt to appeal to women Outnumbered, the female panel members, as well as the show’s #OneLuckyGuy, fell all over themselves trying to see who could compliment walking hairpiece Donald Trump the hardest. During a segment devoted to the GOP Presidential candidate losing business relationships over inflammatory comments made about Mexicans, the hosts all took turns soft-peddling his statements while portraying Trump as a “regular guy” who just says things as he sees them. They also criticized NBC, Univision and Macy’s for cutting ties with Trump, as they all apparently should have known that Trump is a racist douche who will say awful things, and that is why they were in business with him.

Former C-list actress and current Black Conservative Commentator and Obummer Hater ™ Stacey Dash claimed that Trump’s comments about Mexicans being drug-addicted rapists were fine, he just needed to say it a little better. She understands what he was trying to say, which is we need to fully seal the Mexican border because it is dangerous. He just shouldn’t have said all that rapey stuff. But, he’s a totally awesome candidate because “he’s a businessman and he’s doing business. He means what he says and he says what he means.” She also added that she “wants a guy like that running our country.”

Conservative radio host and Wednesday’s #OneLuckyGuy Chris Plante stated that Trump is bringing “honesty” into the 2016 White House race and that is going to appeal to everyday Americans. (This has been one of the big things Fox has pushed regarding Trump…his “honesty” and appeal to middle America.) The rest of the panel hopped on this talking point.

Host Harris Faulkner claimed that Trump’s honesty is something that Macy’s and NBC loved about Trump before, but they are now just kowtowing to political correctness and the feeding frenzy of the social media.

The most telling portion of the show, however, was when Faulkner handed off to fellow panelist Sandra Smith by saying Smith had claimed Trump was weak. Smith nearly got the vapors as she exclaimed that she never said that about The Donald. Faulkner laughed as she noted that Smith had just pointed out that she wanted Trump to be even stronger in his comments. After Smith had collected herself, she refuted the notion that Trump is being taken down in his campaign and then further highlighted that she never called Trump weak.

It seems totally apparent that Fox has hitched its wagon to Trump for the time being and we should be prepared for more pandering and knob slobbing from the Fair and Balanced network. At least, until Trump inevitably drops out of the race after he squeezes out all of the attention he can from the media.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Fox News:

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