Bobby Jindal’s Campaign Team Tells Twitter To #AskBobby, Totally Wish They Could Take It Back

Bobby Jindal’s Campaign Team Tells Twitter To #AskBobby, Totally Wish They Could Take It Back

Remember Bobby Jindal? You know, the Republican Governor of Louisiana who recently announced that he’s running for President of the United States. Yeah, he’s the guy who chastised his party for being the “stupid party.” He’s also the man who buddied up the Duck Dynasty dudes, even after the rest of the America brushed them off. Well, on Tuesday, in an effort to snag questions from voters and constituents for a town hall Q&A, his SuperPAC Believe Again decided to have them take to Twitter and pose a question to Jindal using the hashtag #AskBobby.



Well, I think you see where this is going. You would think that someone at Believe Again or Jindal’s camp would realize what a dumb fucking decision this is and that #AskBobby would become a trending item on Twitter for all the wrong reasons. However, it appears that no one close to Bobby intervened, and the hashtag was quickly hijacked. (Yes, we all know PACs can’t “interact” with candidates, but come on now!)

Not sure if Jindal were able to get any serious questions out of the traffic jam of trollery that resulted. Just digging through the responses, it appears that a number of liberals, Democrats and people who just want to fuck with Bobby inundated the feed with digs at the unpopular Governor. Whether it was making fun of his belief in Creationism, or his anti-gay rhetoric, or his general lack of popularity among Republicans and Louisiana residents, there was a lot to take in Tuesday while perusing the responses.

Below are some of the best ones:



And the beat goes on and on and on. Bobby Jindal, folks! The guy who wants to prevent the GOP from being the stupid party!

Justin Baragona

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