U Mad, Bro? Joe Scarborough Feels White House Shouldn’t Take Credit For Same-Sex Marriage

U Mad, Bro? Joe Scarborough Feels White House Shouldn’t Take Credit For Same-Sex Marriage

You can always count on Joe Scarborough to take a good long piss in your Cheerios anytime you feel a little good about something. On Monday morning, the Morning Joe host spent a good portion of a segment criticizing the White House over its positive reaction to the recent landmark Supreme Court decision on marriage equality. After SCOTUS handed down its ruling Friday, President Obama delivered a speech praising the federal legality of gay marriage while the White House was adorned with the colors of the rainbow.

Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski spent a few minutes delivering a synopsis on the evolution of the marriage equality debate in this country, detailing how quickly public opinion shifted towards approval of gay marriage. They pointed to a poll showing that only 30% of Americans approved of same-sex marriage. It now stands at 59%. The two hosts contrasted that to other hot-button social issues of the past like abortion, interracial marriage and Prohibition, which all took decades to resolve.

As with all things Joe, eventually the conversation had to become about Obama, and how JoeScar could talk shit about him. And talk shit he did! Scarborough’s main point of contention with Obama and this recent historic moment is that the President is taking too much credit when he’s only recently come around on gay marriage. Joe spent a lot of time on the air pointing out that Obama was originally only for civil unions and not for actual marriage, claiming in 2008 that his religious beliefs dictated his opinion on the matter. According to Scarborough, Obama “threw Jesus under the bus!”

He further labeled Obama a hypocrite who always believed in gay marriage, based on the comments from former advisor David Axelrod, but wouldn’t publicly admit it until Vice President Joe Biden expressed his support for gay marriage in 2012. The former US Congressman took exception to the fact that Obama may have played politics with the delicate topic. (You would think that Scarborough, of all people, would know that this is how the political world works.)

Worse, though, was Scarborough’s insistence that he’s never done anything like this in his whole life. In his mind, he’s always been upfront and honest about his views and beliefs and never allowed different political pressures or expectations sway him from speaking his mind. This was in response to Mika and others on the panel claiming that it is possible that Obama, like many in this country, may have come around more on the issue over the years.

If you were to ask me, the main reason Scarborough takes every opportunity to crap all over any good news for this administration isn’t for purely ideological reasons. Sure, he’s playing the conservative voice of reason on a largely left-leaning channel, so that should come with the territory. However, my feeling is that JoeScar is pissed off that Obama (and Hillary Clinton) will not come on Morning Joe for an interview. For a self-important egotist who feels he is one of the most important political voices in this country, that just burns him to no end. So if Obama or Clinton won’t come on his show, he will take every opportunity to take a shit on them.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of MSNBC:


Justin Baragona

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