After NBC Cuts Ties With Donald Trump, Seemingly Everyone Makes Obligatory “You’re Fired” Joke

After NBC Cuts Ties With Donald Trump, Seemingly Everyone Makes Obligatory “You’re Fired” Joke

On Monday afternoon, NBC announced that it was officially cutting all business association with GOP Presidential candidate and Celebrity Apprentice star Donald Trump. The network decided it need to distance itself from The Donald over his remarks about Mexicans when he kicked off his White House campaign. In an effort to pander to the bigoted base of the Republican Party, Trump claimed that most Mexicans were rapists and drug dealers, but some of them might be good people, maybe.

Anyway, Spanish-language network Univision started the ball rolling regarding the disassociation with Trump when it announced last week that it would no longer broadcast the Trump-affiliated Miss USA Pageant in response to his comments. In the past couple of days, over 200,000 people signed a petition asking NBC to get rid of Trump. In its statement Monday, NBC pointed out that besides the Miss USA Pageant, it will also not air the Miss Universe Pageant and Trump will no longer be associated with The Apprentice franchise, though the series will apparently continue to be broadcast on the network moving forward.

As soon as the news broke, news outlets and media sites had a ready-made headline for the story, as they utilized Trump’s trademark “You’re Fired!” line that he made famous on The Apprentice. Besides publications tossing around the line, people immediately took to Twitter to beat the joke right into the ground.



At least one person had to be the turd in the punchbowl regarding the too-easy jokes. Politico’s Dylan Byers pointed out that NBC technically didn’t fire Trump, and the jokes aren’t funny anyway.


Lighten up, Francis.

Anyway, I am sure Trump and conservative supporters will just blame this all on liberal media bias and perhaps spin it as a positive for him in the short-term. However, considering that much of Trump’s actual liquid wealth is based on his branding, and he will no longer get money from NBC and Univision for his appearances on The Apprentice or his pageants, eventually he is going to feel some real impact in the pocketbook. And, it isn’t like he is ever, ever, EVER going to be elected President, regardless of any recent bumps in GOP polls.

Justin Baragona

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